Zvezdana Lazic-Latincic

International Fibre Planning Manager, Frankfurt

My biggest hobby is weightlifting, I tried Crossfit for a couple of years but lifting has been the hobby that’s stayed. I started when I was growing up in Bosnia, when I was 12, with my cousin. He built all these weights by himself and he taught me how to use them. He also showed me Arnold Schwarzenegger videos. I knew all of them off by heart before long – I was the little 12-year-old girl who, for every video, could tell you who was competing, who wins, all the exercises they do.

Running is about thinking, but weightlifting is about forgetting. You may be thinking about something when you start, you might be angry, you might feel like your head is full, and then afterwards you think, ‘What was I thinking about before?’ Every time I lift, I go out of my comfort zone, I have to go further than last time. I like pushing myself like that, and I see that translates to my job.

Zvezdana Lazic-Latincic | International Fibre Planning Manager | Frankfurt