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In today's world, moving to the cloud is more mission-critical than ever. With nearly 30 years experience, we're investing not just in our network, but into the service and support that goes with it.

Look below for a wide range of cloud connectivity options to suit your business.

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Your connectivity options explained

We offer a wide range of cloud connectivity options, ranging from standardised IP Transit over the public internet through to dedicated fibre services entirely private to your organisation.

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Public Internet

A public internet connection provides connectivity to the cloud over a standard internet connection using our standard IP Access product.


IP Access works well:

  1. Where dedicated fibre is not required, and public internet will suffice
  2. Where the priority is a simple, low-cost solution to connect to the cloud
  3. For non-critical applications, where SLA-backed performance is not required

Guaranteed Performance

Public internet with cloud prioritisation provides guaranteed cloud connectivity over a standard internet connection using our cloud prioritisation product.

IP Access with Cloud Prioritisation works well:

  1. For more critical applications but where public internet will suffice
  2. Where cloud connectivity is being used predominantly for Microsoft applications (Teams, Office 365, Azure or Windows Virtual Desktop)
  3. When a consistent, SLA-backed user experience is required

Dedicated Connectivity

A dedicated fibre connection provides a secure, high performance, end-to-end connectivity for mission critical traffic to major cloud providers.

Dedicated access works well:

  1. Where you do not wish for your traffic to traverse the public internet, and a dedicated fibre connection is required
  2. For mission critical applications
  3. Where SLA-backed performance is a must

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Feature IP Access IP Access w/ Cloud Prioritisation Dedicated Fibre
Internet connectivity
Dedicated connectivity
Connectivity to all cloud providers
Suitable for critical applications
SLA-backed performance

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Why Colt?


We are trusted by 25,000 customers including some of the world's largest businesses. 18 of the top 25 banks and over 650 capital markets firms.


We were one of the first telecoms companies to roll-out on-demand network provisioning, API access, and SDN/edge compute compatibility for customers.


Over 31,000 buildings have direct fibre connectivity to our network. We connect more data centres in Europe and Asia than any other provider.

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