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The bandwidth of a circuit connection can be upgraded or flexed in three different ways.

Permanent upgrade - circuit connections purchased under a 3-36 month fixed contract term can be permanently upgraded

Bandwidth Boost - this feature allows circuit bandwidth of a circuit purchased under a 3-36 month fixed contract term to be temporarily upgraded (flexed)

Bandwidth flexing* - circuits purchased under a 1 hour contract can be flexed up and down in 1 hour increments

* On Demand is based on flat per hour billing, not UBB.

Permanent bandwidth upgrade

On Demand circuit connections can be permanently upgraded up to the bandwidth of the port (for example, 1Gbps) using the "Modify Connection" option. Connections can be upgraded within the current contract term, or under a new contract term.

Bandwidth upgrade

Bandwidth boost

The Bandwidth Boost feature allows circuit connections under a fixed term 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month contract to be temporarily upgraded - for example, to meet a short term demand for additional bandwidth.

Customers are charged a premium for the duration of the boost period. The minimum boost period is 1 hour (On Demand / flex pricebook) or 1 day (traditional / fixed pricebook). There is no maximum boost period.

At the end of the boost period, the boost should be removed by selecting the original circuit bandwidth (the base bandwidth) via the Bandwidth Boost menu option

Bandwidth boost portal

Bandwidth flexing

Flexible 1 hour contracts can be upgraded or downgraded in near real time, with a 1 hour billing granularity. The upper bandwidth limit is the port speed (e.g. 1Gbps) at the A and B ends of the circuit, and the lower bandwidth limit is defined by the bandwidth ranges described in the "Data Centre and Enterprise Connections" page. Bandwidth can be flexed up or down at any time.

There is no restriction on the number of bandwidth changes that can be made within a calendar month.

Bandwidth Flexing

Bandwidth scheduling

The bandwidth scheduling (calendaring) feature allows customers to schedule bandwidth upgrades and downgrades in advance, or against a weekly or monthly cycle (note – this feature is currently not supported on IP Access connections).

Bandwidth calendaring is used where a large amount of bandwidth is required for a pre-defined period, for example a regular data backup at the beginning of month.

Bandwidth Calendaring

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