Riding the transatlantic wave with Colt’s subsea network

Subsea cables carry 99% of the world’s internet traffic. Globally, as an industry we’re experiencing the highest-ever volume of subsea cable construction.

Colt boasts an excellent subsea platform with its exceptional performance and minimal latency. Our platform facilitates seamless application experiences across the Atlantic and between Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

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About Colt's subsea capabilities

Submarine cables serve as critical infrastructure supporting global information and communication networks, enabling the smooth transmission of vast data volumes across continents and oceans. Ensuring their security and resilience is essential for both societal well-being and business continuity.

The telecommunications sector is undergoing significant transformations driven by several trends. Notably, there is a growing recognition of the value of public-private partnerships. Governments and private entities increasingly appreciate the mutual benefits of collaborating to build and maintain telecommunications infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on subsea cables. This collaborative approach strengthens the reliability of undersea cable networks, facilitating unhindered data flow and promoting seamless intercontinental communication and cooperation.

Why Colt?

Colt operates a high-speed, low-latency subsea platform for superior application performance across the Atlantic and between Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

With direct connections to multiple subsea routes and an extensive terrestrial network, Colt ensures end-to-end diversity. Our team of Solution Architects and subsea Engineers provide customers with customised solutions and bespoke routing options.

As a global digital infrastructure company, Colt maintains a portfolio of five geographically diverse subsea fibre optic routes.

Grace Hopper: Connecting Bellport (NY), United States to Bude, United Kingdom

Dunant: Linking Richmond (VA) Virginia, United States to Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, France

Atlantic Crossing 1 South: Spanning from  Brookhaven (NY), Wall (NJ), United States to Whitesands, United Kingdom

Yellow: A route between Bellport (NY), United States and Bude, United Kingdom

Apollo South: Connecting New Jersey, United States.to Lannion, France

The connections between the U.S. and Continental Europe are allowing us to team up with hyper-scalers to build new systems through consortiums.

Since incorporating Lumen EMEA assets, we've been approached for exciting collaborations in the subsea field. Our partners see the cost-saving perks and strategic edge of aligning subsea landing points with our terrestrial network for better diversity and efficiency.

Additionally, having access to multiple CLSs via Colt Neo U.S. gives us a unique position in the industry.

Optimising subsea infrastructure deployment and ownership through strategic partnerships

Collaboration is vital to secure subsea communication infrastructure amid economic and political instability, commodity price volatility, and rising labor costs, necessitating a redistribution of deployment, ownership, and operation.

Landing stations and terrestrial backhaul networks play an equally pivotal role in ensuring the operational integrity of this vital communications network.

Submarine cable landing stations are adopting a new architecture, separating equipment into different locations for resilience against disasters and attacks. This approach allows for stronger security measures and easier maintenance.

What makes this a unique proposition in choosing Colt subsea network?

Enhanced security and reliability with Getlink

Getlink empowers us to deliver enhanced security, availability, and SLA compared to subsea alternatives connecting the UK and Continental Europe, giving us a competitive edge.

Mitigating Risks: The importance of security

In light of the various risks associated with subsea communications, including potential hardware damage or sabotage, security is of the utmost importance. Getlink stands out as a significant differentiator, particularly amidst rising incidents of subsea cable damage due to conflicts in regions like the Middle East and Ukraine/Russia. Customers, particularly those in government organizations, are increasingly focused on mitigating these risks

Ensuring availability and performance

Terrestrial performance may sometimes falter, Getlink offers a more reliable alternative. Unlike subsea cables prone to degradation, Getlink significantly reduces this risk, ensuring consistent availability and performance. Aligned with terrestrial Dark Fibre, Getlink is less vulnerable to sabotage attacks or degradation, enhancing overall reliability for our customers.

The importance of diversifying landing stations and backhaul networks


The presence of multiple landing stations and backhaul routes guarantees redundancy, ensuring continuity in communication. Should one station or route face disruption from natural disasters, accidents, or deliberate attacks, alternative pathways stand ready to maintain communication integrity.

Reduced latency
Reduced latency

Diversification can also help in optimising network performance by offering multiple routes with varying latencies. This can be particularly important for applications requiring real-time data transmission, such as financial transactions or video conferencing.

Mitigating risk
Mitigating risk

Economic, political, or regulatory shifts in one region can affect the operations of landing stations or backhaul networks. Diversification mitigates the risks associated with such changes by distributing operations across multiple locations or providers.

Capacity and scalability
Capacity and scalability

Diverse landing stations and backhaul routes offer flexibility in expanding network capacity and meeting rising demand. Scalability is crucial for addressing the growing requirements of data-intensive applications and services.


By distributing assets across numerous locations, the risk of a single point of failure is minimised. This also complicates potential attacks, as adversaries would have to target multiple locations simultaneously to disrupt the network.

Efficient subsea deployment isn't just about cables—it's about enabling a connected future. With our advanced technology and collaborative efforts, Colt ensures seamless global connectivity, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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