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Colt expands IQ Network to Kyoto and Kobe

Colt is furthering its presence in Japan to support businesses both locally and globally make the most of the opportunities in the region. Tokyo, Japan, 20 August 2019 – Colt Technology Services has today announced that it will further extend its presence in Japan by expanding the Colt IQ Network to Kyoto and Kobe. Colt...
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Sonia Boukari

I know Kung Fu and I like the fact that i could protect myself if I needed to. My uncle used to do Kung Fu so I started when I was four years old – I started watching Bruce Lee movies with him and then I was obsessed. For years I went in secret, then...
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Oracle OpenWorld

16-19 September 2019
Meet Colt at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco to discover how cloud computing connectivity will power digital transformations of the future
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Colt and Night Zookeeper hit three million words

Over the past year, we have been working with Night Zookeeper and are delighted at the progress we have made during this time. Night Zookeeper is a world-leading literacy platform that emphasises creativity and self-expression, all while teaching children core English skills from the National Curriculum. To support Night Zookeeper, Colt sponsored annual licenses to...
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Dorra Ben Naceur

The most influential person in my life is my mum, for all the reasons that you’d say your mum. She’s an incredibly strong woman. We moved a lot when I was young because my dad was in the army – from Tunisia to South Africa, Gabon, the U.S., London, France, then back to Tunisia. When...
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Fumie Nozawa

I’m from a town called Nagoya, which is about two hours on the bullet train from Tokyo. My mum lives by herself at the moment, so I go and visit her about once a month. I asked her to come and live with me but she said no. She’s a very independent person. I inherited...
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