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How to connect the Internet of Things

All over the world, cities are growing at unprecedented scale and this brings a new set of challenges; from space management to mobility, resources, public safety and wellbeing, inclusiveness, employability and of course connectivity. Technology has been touted as the solution to many of these challenges, and the good news is that mobile apps and...
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Building a network to support the Internet of Things

Insight Hub Building a network to support the Internet of Things How billions of connected devices will change the shape of networks Connected devices will generate a massive amount of data in the next few years, but the Internet of Things (IoT) covers a broad range of applications. Connected cars can generate gigabytes of data...
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Colt at Microsoft Future Decoded – the future of workplace communication

Recently, Colt attended the Microsoft Future Decoded event in London. Tim Cook, Director - Sales Specialist Voice reflects on the event and the role of Unified Communications in today’s workplace.
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Colt ISO certification

Colt awarded ISO 20000-1 Certification for service management

Colt has re-affirmed its claim to be a best-in-class service provider by gaining compliance to the new ISO 20000-1:2018 certification for service management. ISO 20000 is an internationally recognised standard that measures our ability to respond to the changing service delivery environment and ensures that the right processes are in place at every stage. For...
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Welkin & Meraki

Walk through the door of any Welkin & Meraki serviced office building and it feels like you’ve stepped inside a five-star hotel. A welcoming, beautifully designed interior. Delicious coffee and appetising food. Furniture and lighting that create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. “Everything’s designed to help people feel inspired and energised to do their best work,”...
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uCPE: The evolution of the intelligent network and the future of SD WAN

Why does the modern network need an evolution to universal CPE? What benefits does shifting to Virtual Network Functions represent? And how do combining technologies with uCPE lead to a software defined edge?
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