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Colt’s Inclusion & Diversity strategy aims to build an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive

Ensuring we are an accessible organisation is a key part of our company strategy. Optimising Accessibility is our five-year roadmap to improve the accessibility of our organisation.

We know it’s important to seek the views of those most impacted by a lack of accessibility but anyone can contribute their feedback.  We've developed a feedback mechanism so you can let us know what’s on your mind.

If you have any feedback with regards to the accessibility of our products, services or communications channels, you can email [email protected] or complete the form below. You can also contact Rachel Collins, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion by calling +44 (0) 20 7039 2802.

Feedback can be provided anonymously. Those providing feedback will be notified of receipt, unless they have chosen to provide anonymous feedback. Personal information remains confidential unless you consent to the disclosure of personal information.

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Feedback can be shared anonymously. However, should you wish to receive a receipt of your feedback, please provide your name and email address.

We'll use feedback gathered to make improvements and feed into our Accessibility Roadmap.

For Data Protection purposes, we inform you that Colt will process your personal data to  implement our accessibility plan and for no different purposes. For further details regarding the processing of your personal data or in case you wish to exercise your privacy rights, please visit our detailed feedback process description document.

Please note that participation in this feedback process is voluntary and no confidential relationship is intended or created between the participant and Colt through the submission of the participant’s feedback/suggestions, except to the extent mandated by data protection laws. The usage, non-usage and manner of usage of feedback received shall be at Colt’s sole discretion.

For full disclaimer and privacy information, please read the detailed feedback process description document available on this page.

We accept requests to provide the feedback process document in the following alternative formats: print, large print, braille, audio format, electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology.

We'll make the description of our feedback process available in the requested format within 45 days of the request (for braille or an audio format). For a request in any other format, we will provide within 15 days.

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