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Dedicated Internet Access

Colt Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and High-Speed IP (HSIP) services provide internet access, with DIA product primarily for medium- to larger-sized organizations and government agencies up to 1GigE and HSIP for direct and indirect wholesale, content and regional service provider customers 1GigE and above. Both solutions are delivered across our tier-1 internet backbone.


Colt E-Access (Ethernet Access) provides an external network-to-network interface (ENNI) for carrier, application, and data-center service providers, giving you a single point of access into our MEF 2.0 Ethernet footprint. Colt E-Access is made up of the ENNI, the operator virtual connection (OVC), and the user-network-interface (UNI) or another ENNI owned by the same service provider.


Colt E-Line Services offer MEF 2.0 compliant point-to-point and point-to-multipoint private connectivity running over our secure, private MPLS backbone with scalable, dynamic bandwidth making it ideal for providing high-speed connections among corporate headquarters, data centers and other business locations around the world. E-Line services are available in EPL (transparent service, point-to-point only) and EVPL variants (point-to-multipoint and point-to-point options).

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a dedicated, point-to-point transport service with Ethernet handoffs available through FastE and GigE interfaces, using Ethernet over SONET (EoS) technology and is available in bandwidth multiples from 50Mbps up to the port limit and can be designed with diversity, latency and custom-routing options. These are available as both protected and unprotected services.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Colt Ethersphere EVPL offers worldwide, layer-2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services across our extensive global MPLS network. We can provide Ethersphere EVPL services with either port or VLAN mapping and support data rates from 1Mbps–2Gbps.

Note: This is a legacy service. If you currently have this service or you're ordering service in a country where E-Line isn't available, you can request a quote for this product. Otherwise, request a quote for E-Line.


Colt MPLS/IP VPN service delivers global, layer-3 any-to-any connectivity over a variety of connection types in a flexible, secure, cost-effective, and cloud-friendly way. Internet, voice, and data can be delivered via flexible converged ports, along with cloud connectivity. Colt VPN services leverage our extensive, global MPLS network to create private networks.

Private Line  

Colt Private Line service is a protected, SONET-based transport service that provides dedicated bandwidth in a point-to-point configuration. Colt offers Private Line across our extensive metro and long-haul networks and is available in standard bandwidths for TDM, SONET, and SDH.


Wavelength service is a high-capacity, point-to-point networking solution between two locations delivered over a network that uses DWDM technology. Using our extensive global reach, the service offers options including Ethernet, OTU, SDH/SONET, and SAN interfaces with bandwidth options from 1–100Gbps. Depending on your location and network availability, we can design wavelengths with protection, diversity, custom routing, and low-latency options.

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