Colt help

Creating a repair ticket

To create a repair ticket:

  1. From the Create New Ticket list, select Repair.
Create New Repair Ticket
  1. To start the ticket, you'll need the product/service ID for the product or service you need repaired. Then, do one of the following:

    • If you know all or part of the product or service ID, type it into the Search field. (Control Center filters the list of services as you type.)

    • If you don't know the product or service ID, scroll through the list to look for the product or service needing repair.
  1. When you find the service, click the hyperlinked service ID. If your issue is with a phone number or if you don't see the service ID listed, click the Service ID not listed or issue is with a phone number? link. (Control Center shows a red flag next to services with active tickets.)

    Control Center opens a form for you to fill out for your repair ticket and, (if applicable) starts running diagnostic tests to check service performance.
Create New Repair Ticket (showing Needs Attention for diagnostic testing)
  1. Do one of the following:

    • If Control Center runs diagnostic tests, continue with step 8 to review your test results. The results of the testing can often help you resolve your service issue faster than opening a repair ticket and waiting for Colt to troubleshoot.

    • Otherwise, skip to step 9 to continue creating your repair ticket.

The tests run in real time, showing you results as each test completes. To view test details, can click the + icon next to a test type; you can also download a PDF with test results.

If the diagnostic results is Pass, you can choose Continue, Create a Ticket if you still want to create a repair ticket (skip to step 8), otherwise, click Cancel, Ticket Not Needed.

Create New Repair Ticket (showing diagnostic testing pass)

If the diagnostic test result shows Needs Attention or Fail status, Control Center shows you recommended next steps. To continue with creating a repair ticket, go to step 8.

Create New Repair Ticket (showing diagnostic testing needs attention)
  1. Review the diagnostic test results. (To learn more about the tests, expand the section above.)

    • If the service looks like it's working correctly, click CANCEL, TICKET NOT NEEDED.

    • If you're still seeing issues with your service and want to open a repair ticket, click CONTINUE.