Colt help

Creating an inquiry ticket on a scheduled maintenance event

To create an inquiry ticket on a scheduled maintenance event:

  1. Click Support, then click Scheduled Maintenance.

    Control Center shows a list of scheduled maintenance events affecting your Colt services for the current month: in-progress maintenance, upcoming maintenance, and completed maintenance.
Scheduled Maintenance (showing list view)
  1. Search for the maintenance event you want to submit an inquiry ticket for.
  1. When you find the event, click the link for the event.

    Control Center shows the details for the event: start/end date and time, affected services, etc.
Scheduled Maintenance (showing event details)
  1. Click Create Inquiry Ticket.
  1. Fill in the information for the inquiry ticket:

    1. From the Service ID list, select the service (or select All Circuits) you want to create the inquiry ticket for.

    2. From the Inquiry Type list, select the type of inquiry you're requesting (e.g., clarifying the impact to your service or requesting to have the maintenance rescheduled).

    3. If you need to add an internal tracking number for your organization, type it in the Customer Internal ID field.

    4. Type the contact information for the person you'd like Colt to contact about this inquiry ticket (name, email address, and phone number).

    5. If you have any additional information to add, such as a detail for the request or questions you'd like answered, type that in the Additional Information field.

    6. If you have any attachments you'd like to add, click Add Attachment, find the file(s) on your computer you'd like to attach, highlight the file, then click Open.