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Updating information in a security repair ticket

To update information in a security repair ticket:

  1. Click Support, then click Security Repair Tickets.

    Control Center lists the security repair tickets you've created in the past 30 days with a status for each ticket, the service ID the ticket is for, the type of ticket, the date the ticket was created, and the date the ticket was last updated.
Security Trouble Tickets
  1. When you find the ticket you want to update, click the row for the ticket.

    Control Center shows details for the ticket. (Before you update the ticket, review it to verify you're updating the correct one.)
  1. Make your updates to the security repair ticket:

    • To add a note (to communicate with your Colt technician), type your note in the Add a Note field.

    • To change your authorization for remote intrusive testing, make your changes in the Authorization section. (If you select Yes to authorize us to dispatch a technician, be sure to provide a local contact for the site and include and dispatch instructions you think we might need.)

    • To update the contact information for the ticket, edit the information for the contact(s) in the Ticket Contact Information section.

    • To attach a document (such as a more detailed explanation of the problem or additional details pertaining to your request), click Add Attachment (in the Notes And Attachments section), browse to locate the file and click Open. You can upload up to two files—no more than 2MB each.
  1. When you're done, click Save Changes.