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A foundation for transformative content delivery

The market for content delivery services is expanding by an estimated 30% per year. Providers vary nearly as much as the content they distribute. The organisations transporting content come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional media outlets including the New York Times and Gannett to video streaming services such as Netflix, to multinational online giants such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, serving consumers and enterprises alike.

As these businesses mature into ‘viral’ services, they must adapt to audience demands or risk having customers quickly abandon their offerings for other, higher performing alternatives. As a result, many content providers are working to build out data centre and WAN capabilities and expanding the use of 100Gbps packet-optical networks.

Others rely on public network infrastructures. However, as classic internet infrastructures are consumed by online video, response times increase, leading to lost advertising revenue and abandoned viewership. By building network infrastructures, content providers regain control of the user experience.

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