Colt Private Wave provides secure, flexible and high performance private optical networking built on customer-dedicated WDM equipment and fibre infrastructure. It is designed to meet the most demanding customer needs, supporting multiple optical services or service types up to 100Gbps.

Colt Private Wave is a metro area service that utilises a WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) platform to deliver multiple services or service types efficiently over a customer-dedicated infrastructure. It is available in any city where Colt has a fibre-optic metropolitan area network and is designed specifically for businesses that require high capacity, secure and resilient optical connectivity.  The typical use case for Private Wave is interconnecting between key business locations to cover disaster recovery and business continuity architectures.

Customer-dedicated equipment and metro fibre infrastructure

Private Wave maximises security and offers the potential for equipment to be installed in the your own facilities. This puts you firmly in control via a fully managed solution with operational separation from other customers, supported by a suite of professional services.

Fully managed service

Colt acts a single point of responsibility and can ensure necessary levels of separation by using our own network throughout. This allows your own IT professionals time to focus on the application layer services that help drive your business. Colt design, implement, manage and maintain the service, thus ensuring that you don’t need to invest your own resources in specialist skills or hardware.

Customised to individual business needs

Colt Private Wave can ensure that your most stringent business resilience needs are met. Our wide range of options means that you can choose the most appropriate level of resilience in accordance with your own assessments of cost, performance and risk.

Colt supports the full range of resilience options, from simple fibre protection to full 1 + 1 equipment redundancy with diversity.
Colt Private Wave is industry-certified for real-time replication of data for disaster recovery architectures.

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