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Nuestro catálogo de servicios ofrece una experiencia homogénea en Europa, Asia y Norteamérica sobre una plataforma y una tecnología comunes. Esto permite a las empresas responder a los retos planteados por la digitalización, enfocándose en sus prioridades de negocio y accediendo a mercados nuevos y emergentes.


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Meet Leonardo, IP order manager

"Working for Colt is really a one of a kind experience, you are surrounded by people from all over the world, it is very multi-cultural and rich because of that. Colt is very customer focused, but they care for their people which makes a world of difference in my choice of workplace and why I love being here."


"Colt has been a real partner throughout the years we’ve been working together, always ensuring that its services have kept pace with growth in our business. The people I deal with directly at Colt understand my needs. We have a smooth, efficient working relationship."

Marc Conte
SVP of IT, Louvre Hotels