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Real-time market data from the world's leading markets

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We offer direct and normalised market data feeds and services for major financial markets

Market pressures combined with the evolution of trading infrastructures has resulted in a shift towards trading different asset classes on a global scale, focusing on reduced time tomarket and, above all, efficient performance. Connecting to each execution venue can take valuable time and resource. Confidence in the supply of information, even under pressure of market spikes, is just as important as speed.

A licensed market data vendor since the integration of MarketPrizm into our business, Colt can provide you with market data feeds for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX from more than 50 exchanges and liquidity venues worldwide.

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With the support of Colt, overall security and business continuity was increased even further. The level of security knowledge, particularly for the financial markets, as well as the high standard of technical equipment and personnel required for the data centre, in conjunction with the available internal and external network structures, all pointed towards a solution with Colt.

Dietmar Bethke Associate Director of the Infrastructure Department, Berenberg

Key benefits

  • A fully-managed solution

    We deliver all the components needed to connect to, and maintain, low latency market data – including managing performance, latency and bandwidth of data feeds.

  • Cost effective

    You will only receive and pay for the data you have requested while our experienced team manages all the exchange relationships. No upfront costs, or management overhead on your part.

  • Global coverage

    We provide you with market data feeds for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX from 50+ exchanges & liquidity venues worldwide. There's no need to have a local presence – leverage Colt’s local infrastructure to access market data feeds.

  • Hardware-based accelerated feeds

    Use FPGA technology and a user-friendly API, with an opex-based shared-service model (no upfront hardware costs).

  • Historical data

    Raw, tick data, full depth, same market sequence. Time-stamped in Co-lo (using NTP and eventually PTP). Captured in co-location.

  • Efficient normalisation process

    Every aspect of the normalisation process has been streamlined in order to provide our clients with a trading advantage. Firms can also receive the feeds in raw format if preferred.

Market Monitoring Solution (MMS) portal

Colt has key market data expertise with trading infrastructure services, a highly skilled development team and market-data normalisation software. Alongside feed-handler components and APIs for Colt’s normalised market data service, Colt’s software team have also developed a web portal that is used by Colt for real-time monitoring of market data feeds (raw and normalised).

This portal is used to monitor bandwidth utilisation (at 1s, 10ms and 1ms granularity), message rates, dropped packets A/B Feed latency deltas (microseconds) and can be used to produce daily reports on each.

More information

  • Colt delivers market data feeds at consistently low latencies, even during periods of volatility. For Asia, you can opt for raw or normalised feeds, depending on your requirements. European feeds are delivered in a raw format. If you’re colocated at the market venue itself, you can consume our feeds directly. For away consumption, we deliver the data over a dedicated, fully meshed, highly available network that means there’s only ever a single hop between major financial centres.

Our Customers

Accelerated Market Data Feeds

If you’re looking for consistent, ultra-low latency performance in any market condition, Colt offers accelerated market data feeds, normalised with an FPGA solution.

A user friendly API enables firms to consume the feed with minimal development time, making this a cost-effective approach whilst significantly reducing time to market.