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The key to Microsoft SaaS application performance


Internet connectivity is ubiquitous and is the best option for SaaS applications like Microsoft Teams and Office 365, but how can you overcome network contention and unpredictable routing changes and ensure an optimal user experience?

This is where Colt Cloud Prioritisation is a game changer.

Colt Cloud Prioritisation

Colt Cloud Prioritisation combines the benefits of optimised routing and direct peering infrastructure with traffic prioritisation between customer router and provider edge router. Customers can reach Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, or any other Microsoft SaaS application with a consistent and SLA-backed user experience.

It is one of the first services of its kind to launch at scale in Europe and Asia and works best in conjunction with the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service.

Cloud prioritisation map

Colt IP Access with Cloud Prioritisation:
B2B Internet connectivity optimised for Microsoft SaaS applications

End-to-end performance

Prioritisation from Azure Cloud down to the last mile - end customer’s HQ or branch site


Extensive direct Colt-to-Microsoft local peering in 26 public exchanges +7 private peering points in Europe and Asia

Consistent performance

30 millisecond SLA guaranteed Round Trip Delay (RTD) to the closest Microsoft peering point

Local Reach

Available to 29,000+ Enterprise buildings and 900 Datacenters on Colt’s fibre + 3rd party last mile

How does Colt Cloud Prioritisation work?

Cloud Prioritisation customers can decide how much of their Internet bandwidth is dynamically reserved for Microsoft. This will work for both incoming and outgoing traffic. Colt has a unique direct interconnection infrastructure with Microsoft in 21 locations across Europe and Asia.

This dense network of interconnections will make sure that the traffic gets to its destination quickly and without unnecessary intermediate stations.

Cloud prioritisation - MS

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Cloud Prioritisation is a feature of Colt IP Access and can be ordered by all new and existing customers.

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Connecting to Microsoft cloud with Colt

Colt is a Microsoft ExpressRoute Technology Partner, and we provide Ethernet (with an option managed router add-on) and IP VPN access to the Direct Connect private network access points. To find out more about this Cloud Connect option (Colt Dedicated Cloud Access), visit the page here.

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Microsoft Azure Peering Service

The growth of cloud connectivity via public Internet has shown no sign of abating, driven by continued growth in adoption of SaaS and SD WAN deployment on enterprise networks.

SIP Trunking

Colt furthers collaboration with Microsoft, enabling enterprises end-to-end cloud migrations

Colt’s deepening relationship with Microsoft allows the business to assist at every stage of the cloud migration journey.

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Microsoft partnership

Leveraging its partnership with Microsoft, Colt has developed a comprehensive set of cloud connectivity options for organisations that want to adopt cloud services on Azure in their digital transformation journey.

Fibre availability checker

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