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Our financial extranet, Colt PrizmNet, connects a global capital markets ecosystem of 160+ exchanges, venues and service providers; and 10,000+ participants.

Once you’re connected to Colt PrizmNet, you’ll have rapid, cost-effective access to any other connected organisation; and full control of your services using our advanced online portal.

Simplified access to multiple venues and providers

When you want to connect to a new market venue or service provider, Colt PrizmNet makes it quick and easy. With a single physical connection to the financial extranet, you can access any connected venue, exchange, or provider of services. The range of market venues and service providers is constantly expanding — contact our sales team for more details.

Order routing and execution services

Market Data Services

MiFID II and other regulatory compliance services

Software, analytics and data management services

Flexible contracts, service-based pricing

Colt PrizmNet guarantees deterministic low latencies for delivering data, software, content and financial services worldwide — helping to reduce slippage and lost trades, and increase algorithmic trading efficiency.

We know you need to move fast to implement new trading strategies — and to put an end to activities that prove unprofitable.

Colt PrizmNet helps you accelerate your time to market and reduce risk. It does away with the complexity of multiple circuits, lengthy lead times, and hefty upfront costs.

Instead, you get short lead times and flexible contracts, so you’re never tied in to paying for services you no longer need. And because there are no upfront costs, there’s no need to find capex to invest.


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PrizmNet Portal

Our self-service portal is your easy-to-use interface to Colt PrizmNet. It gives you full control over your PrizmNet services in one place. Find more today.

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PrizmNet Cloud Access

By connecting to Colt PrizmNet, market participants can gain access to the entire community of service providers in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Connecting the Capital Markets in the SDN era: a new approach

Connectivity has always been at the heart of the capital markets and it’s an area currently undergoing considerable change. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

Powered by AWS

The Colt PrizmNet financial extranet connects a global capital markets ecosystem to AWS. It provides market participants with simplified and quick access to cloud-based content and execution services.