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Secure your network from cyber threats and security incidents

Worldwide, threats from cyber-attacks are growing both in numbers and intensity. At Colt, we prepare global companies for this new era, with an all-encompassing secure connectivity, through range of products including Firewalls, Secure Network Gateways, DDoS Protection and Network Encryption. As effective security relies on multiple layers of defence, we provide a holistic security with protection at all the various vulnerability touchpoints: at network edge and core and along the network path. See our cybersecurity services below:

Managed Firewall

Managed firewall

Safeguard your internal networks and systems from Cyber threats using Colt Managed Firewall Services. Choose from different managed firewall variants to meet your needs: Next Generation Firewall and Virtual Firewall services.

IP Guardian

DDoS protection

Protect your internet based application and services from Distributed Denial of services (DDoS) using Colt’s IP Guardian service.


Network encryption

Secure your in-flight data with Colt’s network encryption services. Protect your optical and voice services with end-to-end encryption.


Secure network gateway

Protect your network with Zscaler’s industry-leading Security-as-a Service solution

Managed dedicated & virtual firewall

Our Next Generation Firewall is fully managed by Colt, and offers perimeter security, application awareness and content security, including IDS/IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering  and SSL inspection. You have choice of different managed firewalls to meet your security demands, and to balance performance and cost.

  • Dedicated for a single customer installed at customer premise
  • Available with Colt Internet Access and IP VPN and is fully management by Colt
  • Feature-rich with Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), Intrusion Detention and Prevention (IDP), Content and Application security
  • Virtual Firewall Instance on a shared infrastructure, available with Colt IP VPN
  • Cost effective firewall delivering the benefits of virtualization through fast provisioning, and eliminating your need to maintain a physical network firewall
  • Fully managed by Colt

Network encryption

Our Network encryption services offers encryption at Optical, Ethernet and IP layers. With wire-speed performance and complying with leading encryption and authentication standards, Colt Encryption services offers flexible deployment and provides the very highest levels of performance and security.

  • Encryption for Colt Ethernet Line, Wave & Private Wave, IP VPN and Voice
  • Protects in-flight data through end-to-end encryption with industry-leading authentication mechanisms
  • Key management either by Colt or Customer

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection services protects your internet-based applications and services from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Our service filters DDoS attacks within seconds and without the necessity for human intervention, while enabling the flow of legitimate traffic. It effectively blocks threats such as high-volume flood attacks, stealthy application-layer attacks and attacks hidden in SSL packets. Colt implements the DDoS protection directly in the network, so no rerouting or tunneling or specific IPs required and keep your services up 24x7

  • DDoS protection as part of the network backbone for Colt IP Access customer
  • Protection deployed at strategic locations at Colt global network and stop a DDoS attack before it reaches you
  • Fully automated and unlimited mitigation

Secure network gateway

We have partnered with Zscaler to bundle their security solution as an optional add-on on to our network services, including Colt IP Access, IP VPN and our award-winning SD WAN solution. We are directly peered with Zscaler Cloud in various locations globally, taking traffic directly to Zscaler for reduced latency and a consistent and improved user and application experience.

  • Zscaler cloud-based security resell solution available with Colt IP Access, IP VPN and SD WAN services
  • Securely connect to Internet, Public & Private Cloud from any site: Data Centers, Branch offices and mobile locations
  • Colt will route traffic through Zscaler Cloud, where security policies are applied & managed by customer

Our managed security services are managed by highly specialized engineers and analysts in Colt’s Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOC) across Asia and Europe.  In addition to having experience and accreditations in managing key vendor technologies, our security specialists offer end-end management from design through implementation, to 24x7 proactive management, monitoring, and reporting.

We can keep your network safe, control escalating security costs, and safeguard your IT infrastructure,  so you can stay focused on growing your business.

We offer a web-based intuitive portal for Firewall and DDoS Mitigation services. This provides users a central view of their security devices and gives insight into how their security services are performing.
This portal act as a first port of call for any investigations relating to the security services. It provides a comprehensive view of Firewall configuration details and DDoS Alerts and mitigation status.

  • One-stop-shop for Network and security to ensure you have an end-to-end control and reduce overheads to manage multiple vendors
  • Protect against revenue loss and safeguard your internal information due to fraud and security driven outages. Control escalating IT security costs and operational processes
  • Range of service options and feature-set tailor made to address your security and business requirements
  • Security expertise at hand reducing total cost of ownership and keep pace with technology as we update our security solutions and technology as times change and threats evolve

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