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Protect your business from cyber threats with Colt Managed Firewall services

Savvy enterprises have long recognised that the data they hold and the applications they rely on forms the life blood of their digital and commercial operations. Failure to proactively maintain the security, integrity and availability of this essential data can threaten the very existence of any organisation. A firewall is the front line of defence against cyberattacks, yet maintaining perimeter security has become a major challenge and firewalls themselves can become an unwitting security risk if not managed effectively.

Colt Managed firewalls

A Managed Firewall mitigates this headache and plugs a vital security gap without the need to engage costly in-house IT resources. Our Managed Firewall services are fully managed by Colt, from design, installation, configuration, and day-to-day maintenance of hardware and software components, to 24/7 proactive network monitoring and expert support from our cybersecurity professionals.

Our range of Managed Firewall services is designed to meet all of your needs: from protecting the Internet Access of a single office, to multiple sites on your Colt IP VPN. Learn more about our Next Generation Firewall and Virtual Firewall services below.

Managed Firewall variants

Our managed firewall solutions make use of different technologies to meet requirements and balance performance against cost.

  • Dedicated Firewall : Our Next Generation Firewall service on physical infrastructure dedicated to a single customer
  • Virtual Firewall : A cost effective managed firewall delivering the benefits of security in a more cost effective manner. Virtualisation of the firewall enables fast provisioning, unlimited scalability and eliminates your need to maintain a physical network firewall

Managed Firewall benefits at a glance

  • Protect against revenue loss and safeguard your critical information against security outages
  • Control the escalation of IT security costs and operational processes
  • Service options and feature set tailored to address your security policy requirements
  • Fully managed by Colt’s cybersecurity experts, so you can stay focused on growing your business

Learn more about Colt Cybersecurity Services

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