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What’s the great thing about people? We’re all different, we're all unique, we all have our own story to tell. Our life experiences are what make us diverse. So, we’re opening up.

Inclusion and diversity is the belief that every single individual matters. And that’s why by opening up and sharing our stories, we can learn to celebrate our difference and uniqueness even more.

"For a business to thrive, its people need to be able to flourish. An inclusive culture is the foundation for that. While we know there's a business case for Inclusion and Diversity; at Colt, it's more than that. Creating an inclusive workplace is woven into our DNA. One where people feel a sense of belonging, where we're all able to contribute and work together to achieve our strategy."

Keri Gilder, CEO

Our networks help us create meaningful change



Colt's women's network exists to promote diversity and gender balance at Colt and engage with all employees to enable Colt's women to thrive. Discover more

Pride Matters-charcoal

Colt's LGBT+ and Allies network aims to create a safe space for all LGBT+ employees and allies, raise awareness of issues that impact LGBT+ employees and encourage diversity and inclusion. Discover more


YOUnited exists to promote cross cultural understanding and an environment where anyone can flourish regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith or cultural background. Discover more

Dan Logo-teal

DAN is an employee network at Colt and was established with the aim to raise awareness of visible and invisible disabilities and health conditions, embrace people's differences and champion inclusion across Colt. Discover more

Our initiatives

Our programmes and initiatives aim to connect Colt with the outside community and create meaningful opportunities.

Returners@Colt - our initiative designed to attract professionals who have taken a career break into our business

Best Brave Self - a development series by women for women at Colt, designed to build confidence and support each other to go beyond our comfort zones

Inspiring Inclusion - our programme for people managers designed to drive inclusive leadership behaviours

Mental Health First Aiders - We have 60 MFHAs across Colt globally who have been trained to be the first response for colleagues who need a listening ear or signposting to further support

Leonard Cheshire - working with this UK charity, we have hosted students and graduates with disabilities or long-term conditions to give them a positive first experience of the world of work


Our policies

Our programmes and initiatives aim to connect Colt with the outside community and create meaningful opportunities.

Global family leave - Our global family leave policy was updated in 2019 to provide clarity surrounding parental leave entitlement and to ensure it is inclusive for all new parents, across all of our regions

Global transition at work - Our Global Transition at Work policy was launched in 2019 to support transgender employees and those with non-binary identities intending to transition at work.

Global Domestic Abuse Support policy - is a commitment by Colt to provide support, resources and tools to anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse, stalking or coercive control

Global Workplace Adjustments policy - this supports Colties with disabilities or long term health conditions to ensure they experience a fair chance to join, develop and build their career at Colt.

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How we're continuing to champion Inclusion & Diversity at Colt.

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Our people reflect on biases for Blackout Friday

We’re looking at Black Friday differently. This year, we’re switching off corporate messaging to talk about an issue affecting inclusion in many environments – unconscious bias, renaming the day “Blackout Friday”. Read more...

The sum of three generations

When I think of Black History Month (BHM), I think about the history of my ancestors. I spoke to both my grandmas to find out more about their journey to the UK back in the ’60s and what made them settle here... Read more...

Memberships, accreditations and awards

The Full Picture

Our new regular I&D podcast

Welcome to The Full Picture - a new podcast from Colt Technology Services blending personal stories from our people, their own experiences and unique perspectives, along with the views and insights from experts within our industry and beyond. Episodes will focus in on topics that mean something to our people and the workforces of other organisations such as mental health, neurodiversity in tech, changing conversations about race, to name a few.

Our first season is all around inclusion and diversity: why is it important? What do I&D statistics actually mean? And, most importantly, what should companies be doing about it?


Meet some of the Humans of Colt

Find out more about the people that make Colt unique. Click on an any of the images to read a story.

To find out more about our inclusion & diversity plans, or to explore our available opportunities, visit our global careers website below.