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Our Certifications & Industry Standards

At Colt, we always hold our work to the highest standard of accountability. We follow a number of globally recognised management systems, which demonstrate that our organisation meets international standards in providing services. These certificates are assessed independently. We have achieved the following international standards:

Binding corporate rules (BCRs)

Binding corporate rules (BCRs) are the privacy certification that provides us with the highest recognition in privacy that a group of companies can have and proof of privacy compliance. This allows us to transfer personal data easily between all our entities, keeping the same levels and standards of privacy compliance across all Colt Group companies.

In 2021, we became one of only ten companies to get the approval of the Binding Corporate Rules of both controller and processor with the European Data Protection Board and the only voice and data communications provider in the world to have achieved this standard since the new GDPR came into force.

Find out more here.


ISO9001:2015 | International Quality Management System

This is the international standard for Quality Management System (QMS), which indicates our ability to provide products and services at a consistent high quality. It aims to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

Our customer's experience with us is our highest priority, and we are recognised with an industry-leading Net Promotor Score (NPS) score of 70. Find out more about our sector-leading customer service here.


ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 | Service Management

This is the international standard for Service Management System (SMS), which demonstrates our ability to respond to the changing service delivery environment and make sure that the right processes are in place at every stage and consistently applied across customer’s service life cycle.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 | Information Security Management

This is the international standard that confirms we have put in place best-practice information security processes. This certification ensures that we have a well-defined information security management system (ISMS), a set of policies, procedures, processes and systems that manage information risks, such as cyber-attacks, hacks, data leaks or theft.

With solid security increasingly vital to major systems and operations, we additionally provide a number of cybersecurity services to help you secure your network. Find out more here.


ISO14001:2015 | Environmental Management

This is the international standard that forms the basis of our environmental management system (EMS), which includes our commitment to protect the natural environment through set objectives and policies that comply with relevant environmental legislation.

Keeping a sustainable footprint is part of our corporate social responsibility to our customers and our industry.


ISO22301:2012 | Business Continuity Management

This is the international Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) standard that ensures we have a best-practice approach to organisational resilience. Complying with the standard means we can prove it is a highly resilient organisation and follow international best practice. This positions us to be able to minimise the impact on customer services as a result of business disruption or crisis events.

Find out more about how we're responding to COVID-19 here.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. Our accreditation means that we demonstrate a commitment to cyber security, including the prevention of attacks such as hacking and phishing.

Our latest Cyber Essentials Certificate can be found here.

We also provide cybersecurity measures for businesses: you can find out more here.