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Colt Intelligent Communications brings together the power of Microsoft’s cloud productivity applications with enterprise communication tools, to offer a quad play integrated solution to Enterprises that includes enterprise productivity + unified communications applications using Microsoft Office 365, high bandwidth on wholly owned fibre connectivity, professional Services for transition and deployment, combined with handset and headset delivery + enterprise grade voice services.

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“We carried on working as normal, including holding our regular weekly meetings. The quality of the Colt service was perfect, even on the first morning when they must have been handling millions more connections than usual.”

M. Zilliox Novencia

Key Features

  • Solution simplicity

    Productivity applications + enterprise communication infrastructure in the cloud, with network, voice and support from a single provider

  • Increased productivity

    Improved efficiency thanks to improved mobility + a seamless user experience across all devices and geographies

  • Simplified procurement

    Get peace of mind by having a single supplier for the end-to-end Microsoft Office 365 solution

  • Enhanced business continuity

    From Colt’s fibre network, predictable connectivity and highest resiliency provided by premium service quality options

  • Save cost

    Reduce expenditure on voice traffic with flexible tariff plans

  • Service you can count on

    Higher reliability and voice cost savings by using Direct Routing with a Microsoft certified Session Border Controller, provided and maintained by Colt

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Additional information

  • Applications run on Microsoft’s flagship Office 365 cloud based platform, ensuring a fully featured and familiar desktop experience and providing immersive unified communications with Teams. Performance is guaranteed with Colt’s connectivity to the cloud and voice breakout based on Colt’s Tier 1, globally connected, high performance network.

    • Our professional services help integrate your infrastructure with Colt Intelligent Communications
    • IP desk phones and headsets can be included and configured
    • Colt Intelligent Communications achieves higher reliability and voice cost savings by using Direct Routing with a Microsoft certified Session Border Controller, provided and maintained by Colt either on-premises or in Colt’s network in the cloud
    • Colt Adoption Services can support your migration to Microsoft Teams by working with your organisation to create a tailored adoption strategy
    • Colt’s Enterprise grade voice combines PSTN compliant SIP Trunking with fully flexible tariff plans for voice calling
    • Colt Intelligent Communications also provides the option of a Cloud SBC, which replaces the traditional physical hardware with a solution completely in the cloud. This means your SBC and connection will be in the cloud, giving you flexibility and speed in setting up your communication solution.
  • As the demands of today’s fast-paced technological environment increases, enterprises must ensure the adoption of workplace applications is managed in the most effective way. As one of the most important aspects of a company’s infrastructure, it is imperative that its communications systems can support employees in their day-to-day activities. Legacy communication systems and PBX equipment no longer support today’s growing need for a simple, flexible and mobile end-user communications experience. Additionally, many people struggle from email overload that inhibits productivity.

    The convergence of telephony, mobile, Big Data, and the Cloud is setting the stage for a new way of working, collaborating and leveraging business information. Unified Communications (UC), or Intelligent Communications (IC), are the terms used to describe this new wave of enterprise communication capabilities.

    Tools such as instant messaging (chat), Voice over IP, web & audio conferencing, and desktop sharing are linked with productivity gains and should be accessed in a simple way to provide a seamless user experience.

    Unified communications (UC) products — equipment, software and services — provide and combine multiple enterprise communications channels, such as voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing. This can include control, management and integration of these channels. UC products and services can also be integrated with networks and systems, IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.

    Read more in our ‘What is Unified Communications?’ introductory guide…

  • Intelligent Communications brings together productivity applications and enterprise communication, closely integrated to deliver everything colleagues need to collaborate and work efficiently, with minimal switching between applications or tasks.

    By closely linking desktop applications with productivity apps, directory services and communications, it’s quick and easy to contact colleagues and follow up on actions – for example clicking on a comment in a document and getting a range of options for contacting that person – instant message, email or call. In meetings, information and relevant colleagues are easily accessible and on calls it’s easy to find meeting minutes or key documents without having to switch between applications.

    Businesses benefits of Intelligent Communications:

    • Flexible costs for your productivity applications and enterprise communication infrastructure thanks to cloud based “as a Service” model
    • Increased productivity thanks to mobility and seamless user experience across all devices and geographies
    • Simplified procurement by having one supplier providing applications, connectivity, hardware and support
    • Enhanced business continuity by relying on Colt first in class, predictable connectivity and higher resiliency provided by premium service quality
    • Enterprise productivity and unified communications applications using Microsoft Office 365
    • High bandwidth on wholly owned fibre connectivity
    • Enterprise-grade voice services
    • Professional Services for transition and deployment, combined with handset and headset delivery

    To provide you with the best customer experience, Colt delivers end-to-end support, offering one single point of contract and contact across 13 countries, covering applications, connectivity and hardware.

  • The following connectivity options are available, supporting Direct Routing, with consistent service wrap across 13 European countries:

    1. Colt IP Access and Colt SIP Trunking (Direct routing)

    Create your on-premise Direct Routing infrastructure supported on a converged connection.

    2. Colt Dedicated SIP Trunking (Direct Routing)

    Create your Direct Routing infrastructure by segregating the connectivity of voice and data

    3. Colt CloudSBC (Direct Routing)

    Use a fully cloud infrastructure to support your Direct Routing.

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