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Colt is setting a new standard as a network service provider. We encourage our customers to be more demanding because we know we can handle it.

Driven by a strong challenger culture we are confident that we can meet our customer's needs. We are already delivering a customer experience that outweighs that of our peers. But we demand more and want to be able to measure ourselves against industries renowned for their customer-centric approach.

We pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds of our employees as we know it brings unique insights and true local expertise.

Our people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises. Colt people support their colleagues to do an exceptional job.

They like to tell it like it is, they are not creatures of habit but instead are hungry to learn more about our customers, and our business.

This is reflected in how and where we work as we offer a creative working environment for our employees across Europe, Asia and the US. Our UK office, and global headquarters for Colt, is situated in Shoreditch in London which ties in with Colt's exciting and vibrant culture.

With main European offices in Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Frankfurt plus additional offices spread across other parts of the world, Colt has a highly expansive network and gives Colt employees access to some of the worlds most vibrant cities.

Meet Mikaela, Voice Product Marketing Associate

"Having recently joined Colt my team have been very welcoming. There is a lot of people who are willing to help and give their time so I can really adapt to my new surroundings and job tasks. I have responsibility already and I am trusted to deliver good work and really show my potential."


Meet Leonardo, IP order manager

"Working for Colt is really a one of a kind experience, you are surrounded by people from all over the world, it is very multi-cultural and rich because of that. Colt is very customer focused, but they care for their people which makes a world of difference in my choice of workplace and why I love being here."


Meet Masami, Account Executive (Global Account)

"The reason I joined Colt was because I felt that I would be able to work with a sense of autonomy and not bound by the organization. I also wanted to work in Europe."


Meet Peppi, Product Manager

"It’s an exciting time here at Colt – our experienced team are helping wholesale customers leverage high bandwidth networks to provide business end-customers with market leading VoIP & IN services in Europe with our unique managed service wrap."


Meet Sarah, Field Marketing Associate

"What I really like about my role is the variety of task and projects I'm involved with. Not a day is the same and everyone’s willingness to help and to welcome you in a new environment makes such a great difference."


Meet Laura, Head of Brand

“Working at Colt, I’ve moved forward in my career very quickly. In my time at Colt I’ve been given the opportunity to lead a rebrand, manage a website upgrade and run global campaigns. I’m also part of Network 25 a great group with a focus on attracting, developing and retaining female talent within Colt. I truly believe there are great opportunities at Colt for motivated, passionate people.”


Meet Alan, Carrier Relations Apprentice

"I applied to the apprenticeship scheme because I saw it as a great opportunity to jump straight into the world of work in an area that interested me. I’m glad I chose an apprenticeship because it’s enabled me to apply the knowledge I’m learning to the working world."


Meet Ali, Sales Engineer

"The best aspect of my job is that it gives me a full understanding of the network and processes around it, from order entry to billing. Colt has offered me a platform to learn and gain practical experience about innovative technology, but also offered me the opportunity to deliver for customers who rely on us."