Careers at Colt

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Looking to make a mark?

At Colt, you’ll make a difference. Because around here, we empower people. We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, we employ people we trust, who come together across the globe to create intelligent solutions.

Our global teams are full of ambitious, driven people, all working together towards one shared purpose: to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of our customers wherever, whenever and however they want.

We give our people the opportunity to inspire and lead teams, and work on projects that connect people, cities, businesses and ideas. We want you to help us change the world, for the better.

At Colt you can make your mark.

Amazing experiences

We’re delivering cutting edge solutions to customers, so you're getting a brand you can be proud to put on your CV. Because we’re changing the world, we’ll give you access to learning through peers, hands-on experience and training that will future-proof your career.

Work in global teams

You’ll work in diverse teams from different cultures and countries. This way, we experience different ways of thinking and learn and grow from each other. You’ll be empowered to debate, discuss, listen and share your ideas - all in the pursuit of solutions for our customers and business.

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Access all areas

We design solutions to make it easy for you to do your best work. We automate and simplify wherever we can. Hierarchy is no barrier here, you’ll get access to a wealth of experts, leaders, and networks of thinkers and doers. We want you to put them to good use; to help strengthen our global networks, so we can work together and pioneer new solutions.

Flexibility and support

We give you control of your work life. We are flexible first - that’s a given. Going further, we want to set goals with you that matter - dynamic goals that focus on the outcomes that will help us all win. We’ll help you stretch yourself, and we’ll support you. Not just with learning, but when life changes happen.

Planning for the future

Make your mark building a sustainable future

As part of our commitment to a strong, sustainable future for our business, we subscribe to EcoVadis, a global index that benchmarks our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance against more than 75,000 other organisations across all industries. Our most recent industry ranking has placed Colt in the 91st percentile, with a score of 63. This has earned us a Silver medal and a place in the top 10% of telco companies registered for ESG performance.

We’re working towards Zero Waste to Landfill. This means we’re making a concerted effort to ensure all our waste is prevented where possible, reused or recycled. This includes waste from our network equipment, IT equipment, office equipment and our supply chain.

We’re proud to offer our employees opportunities to be sustainable at work. Our ‘Green Team’ initiative was started by a passionate group of employees in the UK in 2019. In 2021 it was rolled out globally, allowing employees in all countries to share their passion for the environment and work together to drive environmental engagement on a local level. Environmental Awareness training is mandatory for our employees globally ensuring that we are united in our vision of a greener Colt.

Colt is proud to spotlight employees who are pioneers for sustainability. Our Recycling Heroes series highlighted employees around the globe who are making an impact on their local communities. Our CEO proudly made the health of our planet one of her core beliefs in the workplace, offering a special CEO Award to two Sustainability Champions. We celebrated Earth Day 2021 with two exceptional webinars featuring sustainability experts remotely from Japan and New Zealand.

We’re committed to being sustainable in our places of work. We’ve initiated the removal of single-use plastics across our offices globally, and even planned a new rooftop garden at our office in Madrid.

For when Colt employees are on the road, we're working towards moving our entire fleet to electric vehicles over the next few years.

Our laptop replacement program removes outdated assets from the business but we are extending the life of them by sending to local schools – this also has a broader impact in Corporate Social Responsibility and digital inclusion.

The new devices contain 65% post-consumer recycled material as well as being more energy efficient, delivered in boxes made from 75% recycled fibres and bamboo​ – this again means that we are extending the life of key materials and reducing the need for virgin resources which ties into the circular economy model.