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Tier 1 IP Transit on AS3356 up to 400Gbps

Aimed at content providers and local internet service providers, IP Transit provides secure, reliable Internet connectivity with the fewest network hops. IP Transit is provided via AS3356, the world number 1 ranking network. Over 60% of the Internet traffic that originates on AS3356 stays on the network for maximum performance.

*Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), AS Rank, November 2023

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Colt offers a high-quality network and security measures as a one-stop solution, which helps us build a stable IT infrastructure, which is expected to be in perfect condition at all times. Colt is a trusted network partner that is always there for us when we have technical questions or we need advice.

Hiroyasu Mori Senior Director Public Platform Solution Operation, Hitachi Ltd.

Key features

  • Designed for high performance

    Traffic that originates on AS3356, stays on AS3356, to guarantee high performance.

  • Extensive global peering

    Partnering with Lumen, AS3356 delivers traffic with the fewest number of hops due to being the extensively peered global network in the world.

  • Protect your network

    With Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for Route Origin Validation and an optional DDoS mitigation service.

  • Push capacity to the max

    Port options up to 400GIG-E and global edge capacity over 550 Tbps easily copes with the most demanding of loads.

  • Customer service

    Backed by performance and availability SLAs, we’re ready if anything goes wrong, with 24/7 customer monitoring.

  • Flexible billing

    Static or BGP routing options with a range of flexible billing options that best suit your traffic loads.

Not what you're looking for?

If you’re looking for static routing DIA, or simply looking for a connection to the internet with speeds below 400Gbps, rather than a Wholesale service, please visit our Dedicated Internet Access page.

IP Transit explained

  • An IP Transit service is where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows traffic to cross its network in order to reach a destination. To access all Internet routes, you would need to connect to each autonomous system. Data travelling from the ISP providing the service from the customer is often referred to ‘going upstream’, whereas data going to the customer is ‘going downstream’. For more information read our article on What is IP transit?

  • We offer Ethernet GIG-E, 10GIG-E, 100GIG-E & 400GIG-E ports.

  • Flat rate: Fixed MRC for the Peak Data Rate (PDR), bursting not available
    Commit plus burst: Fixed MRC for the Committed Data Rate (CDR), burst charge based on P95 usage in excess of the CDR

  • Yes. Colt acquired the European network assets from Lumen and jointly owns AS3356.

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