Building digital infrastructure to support Generative AI

The foundation of your AI strategy


With more growth in AI then ever before, bandwidth usage is set to increase exponentially. A recent blog from 650 Group states - 'The key to AI/ML’s impact on networking is the tremendous amount of bandwidth AI models need to train, new workloads, and the powerful inference solutions that appear in the market. In addition, many verticals will go through multiple digitization efforts because of AI during the next 10 years'.

Whether you're looking at building a private generative AI, embracing the rapidly growing range of public AI tools, or rolling out AI & automation across your technology estate, you need agile, secure and flexible infrastructure that gives you the ability to meet changing demands.

The three major use cases for enterprise AI all require significant network investment. See below what they are, and why a top-quality network is essential:

Embracing AI tools on the public internet is the quickest and lowest risk option. But you'll need an agile, low latency and secure network, with room to meet changes in demand if you want to deliver the best experience. Can your network deliver the best experience, flex to meet changing demand and ensure information security? 

For businesses with confidential information, or where AI is being used as part of internal processes, building your own AI solution on a private cloud platform could be the best approach. As well as picking the right tools, you'll need direct, secure, scalable connectivity. You'll also need to make sure that data is being stored, processed and transferred in line with data protection rules in all your markets, which means you need an infrastructure partner who can deliver wherever you need them. 

Alongside using AI tools as part of your processes, AI can be used across your infrastructure to make it more efficient and to deliver a better experience for your people. This means you need to pick the right partners who understand the best approach and are already leading the way on their own networks. 



A pile of balancing shapes reading: • Edge • Cloud • Chat GPT • Chatbots • E-commerce • Content creation • Medical Imaging • Digital Assistants • Predictive analysis • Risk management

The Colt IQ Network: A reliable, intelligent backbone

Everyone’s talking about AI and the pressure is on to have all the answers. The question for many of us is how it can deliver value – securely - in your unique enterprise setting. 

Regardless of where you are on your AI journey and strategy, now is the time to get the best foundations in place. 

With Colt's secure, global and flexible network, you'll have what you need to embrace AI in whatever way delivers the most value for your stakeholders.

We’ve also been using AI and automation in our network and solutions for years, helping proactively spot problems and deliver the best experience to our customers – and we’re looking at how best to use generative AI across our business. 

Colt completes next-generation 400G Wave testing in live network trial

Since the launch of its IQ Network in 2016, Colt has continued to drive innovation in next-generation optical ...
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The Cloud Report

Many network service providers (NSP's) have a range of options when it comes to cloud connectivity, and in increasingly are looking at how AI data is managed in the cloud. But a lack of industry standards and confusing terminology can make things difficult to understand.

We enlisted the help of our best and brightest cloud architects, network engineers and product managers to help you cut through the noise and avoid the confusion.

We’ll walk you through 5 cloud connectivity options and explain the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose the most suitable cloud access solution for your needs.


Why choose Colt?

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We are trusted by over 25,000 customers globally - including some of the world's largest businesses, 18 of the top 25 banks and over 650 capital markets firms around the world. All that and still record NPS scores.

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Technology leaders

Our technology sets us apart. We were one of the first to roll-out on-demand provisioning, and continue to lead with API, SDN + Edge compute compatibility for our customers.

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Over 31,000 buildings have direct fibre connectivity to our network. We connect more data centres in Europe, USA and Asia than any other provider, so you won't have to compromise on security & convenience.

Still not sure?

We'll help you build a solution tailor-made for your specific AI infrastructure  needs.

With more connected data centres across Europe, USA & Asia than any other provider backed up with the carrier-grade Colt IQ Network, whatever you choose, you're in safe hands.