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Kicking off the year at PTC 2019

11 Feb 2019

January is always a hectic time and it’s no different in the telecoms sector with many events kicking off the year. One of the biggest for Colt…

Man working at a network services company holding a tablet while on the phone

The 5G hospital illustrates a changing business case for mobile networks

07 Feb 2019

5G certainly isn’t short of potential. But it will require a denser network, additional spectrum and enhancements to backhaul – so what’s the business case?…

Looking ahead to the next twelve months

04 Jan 2019

A new year always holds so much promise, and from a telco perspective, I’m especially excited about 2019, for I believe that it will be the tipping point…

What you need to know about encryption and GDPR

04 Jan 2019

There’s a lot of mythology about encryption: that it’s highly complex to manage, that it will slow down dramatically application or network performance…

People working at a modern network services company

The new PCI DSS compliance regulations for phone-based payments

20 Dec 2018

Last month the PCI SSC issued updated guidance for protecting phone-based payment card data – the first update since 2011. …

The year that was 2018, and why we can’t wait to kick off 2019

19 Dec 2018

The end of the year is nearly upon us and what a fantastic year it has been for Colt. Earlier in the year we shared our achievements up until July…

Trusting blockchain: The power of governance

30 Nov 2018

2018 has well and truly been the year of blockchain. From news articles, to papers, to organisations trying to find ways in which this technology can transform how they do business.

Colt raises over €1 million for under-privileged children

19 Nov 2018

This year Colt’s Charity Bike Ride hit an impressive milestone. Not only have thousands of kilometers been ridden for children in need, 2018 was the year that Colt cracked the million Euro fundraising mark.

People working at a modern network services company

Colt, Semafone and PCI DSS compliance

15 Nov 2018

Colt has partnered with Semafone to provide its Cardprotect solution for organisations taking payment from customers over the phone, in line with the PCI DSS regulation. …

Colt wins the Cloud Infrastructure award at the WCA’s

07 Nov 2018

Last week, Colt for Dedicated Cloud Access on Demand picked up the Cloud Infrastructure award at the 20th annual World Communication Awards.

Colt wins 5 awards at the MEF18 event in Los Angeles

31 Oct 2018

Last night Colt were awarded with five accolades at the MEF18 event in Los Angeles. Colt walked away with wins in the following categories…

Colt and Oracle: Improved customer engagement with cloud connectivity

30 Oct 2018

Cloud adoption is critical to providing businesses with the agility they need in order to service the increasingly stringent and changeable demands of their customer base.

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