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Colt’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

By Rachel Collins, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Colt


Colt remains steadfast in its commitment to equality, continuously striving to cultivate a workplace that champions diversity and inclusion. Recognising the significance of diverse perspectives in driving creativity and growth, our organisation has long aimed to improve gender balance at senior levels. While progress has been made, we acknowledge that there is still much ground to cover.

Our action plan is designed to attract and retain talented women, foster an inclusive culture, and nurture inclusive leadership development. By prioritising these areas, we aim to create an environment where every individual can thrive.

Measurement remains a cornerstone of our approach, and our participation in the TM Forum Inclusion Diversity Survey has yielded positive outcomes. With an inclusion score placing us in the top percentile, we are encouraged by the progress we have achieved.

Initiatives such as the Rise Programme exemplify our commitment to supporting emerging talent from underrepresented backgrounds. Additionally, our ongoing efforts to understand and address the needs of women in our workforce underscore our dedication to fostering an equitable environment for all.

Together with our industry partners, Colt is unwavering in its dedication to expanding our impact and building a future where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront.

Download the Colt Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

In addition, Colt Technology Services acquired Lumen’s EMEA business in November 2023. Lumen Technologies UK Ltd (“Lumen UK”) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Colt group of companies.

Download the Lumen Technologies UK Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

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