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Software Defined WAN

SD WAN is a more intelligent, software defined way to build a WAN. It improves productivity, gives higher quality of experience, accelerates initiatives, and can reduce costs.

Initially the service was launched to optimise traffic across MPLS and IP-based connectivity, and while that’s key – enterprises need more. Next generation SD WAN is now here and it’s utilising everything the cloud has to offer.

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“Colt showed they had taken our needs and priorities on board. With SD WAN, they proposed an advanced technology solution that fitted the bill perfectly and simplified the complexity of integrating acquired companies’ networks.”

Paolo Pessi ICT Director, Fintyre

Why choose Colt SD WAN?

  • Flexible

    Delivered as an NFV-based service with built-in elasticity and fully-automated set up & configuration – combining SD-WAN software with scalable hardware

  • Customer Portal

    You can configure single or multiple devices in real time. Network services can be used, provisioned, and orchestrated in real time and on demand

  • Quick deployment

    New locations can be turned up in minutes with zero touch provisioning. Customers can also manage their service, add new branch sites in hours, or upgrade bandwidth in real-time

  • Secure connectivity

    Secure end to end connectivity using encryption ensures data is fully protected and inaccessible beyond the intended origination and destination points

  • Cost efficiencies

    With SD WAN you can manage and optimise traffic over multiple infrastructure links and maximise the use of bandwidth

  • Award-winning

    Since its launch, Colt SD WAN has led the way in innovation, becoming recognised as a strong performer in the Forester Wave report

Looking to connect to multiple cloud environments?

Colt SD WAN Multi-Cloud utilises the extensive, SDN-optimised Colt IQ Network to provide high performance, inexpensive, and secure cloud connectivity directly into Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

This solution brings together a single cohesive view of the enterprise network, tying together WAN sites and cloud infrastructure – all easily viewed and managed via the Colt SD WAN portal.

SD WAN explained

  • A Software-Defined Wide Area Network enables businesses with multiple sites to combine multiple access connections types (MPLS, Internet, wireless access) with additional applications to create a network capable of delivering on changing business needs and capacity challenges.

    By leveraging an SD WAN platform to optimise data traffic over both public internet and private networks to business sites and the cloud, creates a hybrid network. This allows non-critical data to be dynamically offloaded to a secured internet tunnel, freeing up MPLS bandwidth for your business-critical data. This also maximises efficient use of the underlying network and ensures the reliable performance of applications for your end-users.

  • The key difference between software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) different from Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is virtualisation.

    SD-WAN is a software-based solution that incorporates traditional hardware and runs as a virtual network overlay on top. Conversely, the more traditional MPLS solution takes pre-defined and private routes on the hardware itself.

    So who comes out top in the SD WAN v MPLS battle?

    Ultimately it depends on your business’ needs. But if you have multiple sites, SD WAN can offer cost-effective flexibility, tighter security, and enhanced performance and control. To find out more about the benefits of SD WAN, keep reading.

  • Today’s SD WAN services offer additional functionalities aimed at improving application experience, including application-based traffic steering and conditioning. An SD WAN 2.0 user could, for instance, choose to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) optimisation, where mission-critical VoIP traffic is identified and prioritised for improved reliability, performance and overall experience. SD WAN 2.0 also integrates cloud prioritisation capabilities for traffic over public Internet, providing greater experience to users of cloud-based collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

    As we look beyond 2021, companies need a long-term solution to address the needs of their growing remote workforce. This includes optimisation of cloud applications, securing the dynamic network edge, comprehensive insight of network activity, and the ability to scale quickly and efficiently.

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