A new WAN platform to meet the requirements of today's enterprises

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Enterprises need a new WAN approach

SD-WAN is a more intelligent, software-defined way to build a WAN. It improves productivity, gives higher quality of experience, accelerates initiatives and can reduce costs.

Move away from legacy technologies to an NFV-based service with built-in elasticity and fully-automated set up and configuration. Learn more about SD-WAN here.

SD-WAN offers flexibility, advanced routing and security options, enabling network services to be used, provisioned and orchestrated in real-time and on demand, all from a single portal.

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“Colt showed they had taken our needs and priorities on board. With SD WAN, they proposed an advanced technology solution that fitted the bill perfectly and simplified the complexity of integrating acquired companies’ networks.”

Paolo Pessi ICT Director, Fintyre

Why choose Colt SD-WAN?

  • A global network footprint

    We are the only SD-WAN provider with fibre assets across Europe, Asia and the US. Combined with strong interconnections with global ISPs, we can provide a truly global service, and ensure competitive pricing and direct control over your network infrastructure.

  • A single network fabric, with consistent experience

    Our complementary portfolio of solutions, combined with a range of professional and managed services and strong partnerships with SD-WAN and SASE leaders Versa and VMware enable you to consolidate disparate networks and vendor relationships to a single provider.

  • Cost benefits

    Availability for multiple access types to connect to a site: Wireless, Ethernet, DSL, DIA/Broadband internet running on both MPLS and Internet backbones. Mix and match multiple access types to achieve your desired resilience against budgetary constraints with dynamic path selection.

  • Easy to manage

    Easily manage all traffic on your chosen applications from one central point, with one CPE device acting as a router, firewall & application performance monitor. Colt CPE can offer Edge Compute, with multi-vendor uCPE based on x86 white server infrastructure also available.

  • Enhanced security

    In addition to comprehensive built-in features like IDS/IPS and URL filtering, a full SASE solution is available to ensure security access across your network and into the cloud. Intuitive customer portals & knowledgable, global teams offering close consultation are here to ensure success.

  • Scalability built-in

    A range of service packages per site offer huge flexibility and ease of design and deployment, so it's easy to expand your service as your business grows, away from hardware limitations. Can be fully integrated with a traditional IP VPN to suit your preferred transformation pace.

Enhanced security at the network edge

As increasing complexity in the usage of third-party applications and more network access point than ever before drive new security challenges, SASE brings a cloud-based framework that seamlessly integrates SDN and Zero-Trust security solutions to deliver best-in-class user experiences without sacrificing security.

Learn more about SD-WAN

  • A Software-Defined Wide Area Network enables businesses with multiple sites to combine multiple access connections types (MPLS, Internet, wireless access) with additional applications to create a network capable of delivering on changing business needs and capacity challenges.

    Find out more about how SD-WAN works, it’s benefits, challenges, use cases and common mistakes to avoid in our definitive SD-WAN guide.

  • As of 2024, nearly 60% of all enterprises have adopted some form of SD-WAN, up from 30% in 2020.

    Cloud migration continues to be a key pillar of enterprise digital transformation, with 76% of companies using two or more public clouds, with an average of 2.3 clouds per organisation.

    Remote & hybrid working is increasingly a must-have for businesses globally, even post-pandemic. 73% of employees desire to continue with flexible remote working going forward, which brings forth a new way of security considerations.

    Security has evolved while remaining mission critical, it now must sustainably support today’s distributed networks.

    Find out more about the drivers of SD-WAN adoption here.

  • It is rare that a single cloud provider can meet all of an organisations diverse operational requirements. By distributing cloud-based applications across several platforms, a single-point of failure is removed.

    Multi-Cloud is a feature available enabling secure connectivity via Colt’s Cloud Gateway, utilising the SDN optimised Colt network for cost-effective, secure, high-performance connectivity into all the leading public cloud platforms, all managed via a single portal.

    Explore our Multi-Cloud offeringhere.

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Why choose Colt as your SD-WAN partner?

Organisations around the world choose Colt’s award-winning SD-WAN solutions to transform their networks. With record-breaking NPS scores across Europe and Asia, alongside a range of professional and managed services, you can trust Colt to deliver an industry-leading service and customer experience.

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