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Enable secure and highly scalable connections to the cloud, in minutes.

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Welcome to agile digital infrastructure for instant cloud connectivity

Imagine cutting-edge digital infrastructure that does exactly what you need, when you need it – delivering access to public Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in minutes over the fully-owned Colt IQ global fibre network.

You choose which CSP to connect to, wherever, through an award-winning portal, innovative APIs or as an extension of your own network. It’s end-to-end connectivity where you’re in control.

Why enterprises choose Colt DCA

  • Secure

    Mission-critical traffic between any enterprise site and a cloud access PoP is routed entirely across the Colt network, keeping it more secure.

  • On demand

    Using our simple portal, you can scale up and down, your bandwidth – in minutes (instead of waiting days or months), and pay only for what you use.

    Or if you prefer, you can also order using order forms and fixed payments.

  • Service Quality

    Guaranteed service quality with industry-leading SLAs covering: delivery, fault handling, availability, frame loss, latency and jitter.

  • Performance

    We operate one of the lowest latency networks, so data is routed over the lowest-latency paths to your chosen cloud provider.

  • Connect to any major cloud

    We have top tier-level partnerships with major cloud providers, and a leading number of cloud connections (250+ public cloud PoPs)

  • Extensive coverage

    Our award-winning global network spans 38 countries, 50+ major metropolitan cities across Europe, Asia and the US

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Dedicated Colt Access Explained

  • Most of the Cloud Services Providers have separate access points (“PoP”) from the data centres (“regions”) in which the services are housed.
    Colt provides direct fibre connectivity to the Cloud Service Providers PoPs in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, which simplifies speeds of provisioning, and gives optimum traffic routes for customers.

  • Colt Dedicated Cloud Access service is also available On Demand to enhance and simplify the user experience. Thanks to SDN technology, our customers benefit from real-time ordering, provisioning a self-serve portal.

  • Colt is a direct connectivity partner with the main players, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba and VMWare (others available on request)

  • For customers who prefer to have connectivity to the cloud delivered on a traditional way, not through a online ordering portal (Cloud On Demand), Colt has it’s DCA Ethernet service available since 2014. Both connectivity solutions make use of the worldwide Colt owned IQ packet network.

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