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Access your cloud services securely and consistently with a direct cloud connect solution, provided through Colt Dedicated Cloud Access. DCA provides a secure and reliable private network connection between data centres or office locations and the major Cloud Service Providers.

Colt’s highly dense, fully owned fibre network can provide direct connections to key cloud PoPs across Europe & Asia, and is available to the customer via an intuitive on-demand portal - allowing users to flex bandwidth consumption in line with their needs. Together we make it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to your cloud, through our Dedicated Cloud Access solution - giving you a superior public cloud networking experience when compared to relying on public internet.

Why choose a dedicated cloud connection?

Enhanced Security

The traffic between any enterprise site and a direct connect access PoP is routed entirely across the Colt network, so that customers can be assured that their mission-critical traffic is safe.

Better Resilience

Colt’s award-winning network services are provided with a high degree of resilience, with a number of enhanced configuration options for Disaster Recovery and High Availability.

Faster Performance

Colt operates one of the lowest latency networks in Europe and Asia, so data is routed over the lowest-latency paths to your chosen cloud provider.

Predictable Experience

Making your traffic independent of the internet means that your customers and own business users can enjoy consistent performance from your apps.

Explore Colt's partnerships with the world's leading Cloud providers:


Connect to Amazon Web Services

100-500Mbps hosted connections or dedicated 1-10G port with managed CPE.

Connect to Microsoft Azure

50Mbps-10Gbps service bandwidths with Ethernet & IP VPN available upon request.

Connect to Google Cloud

50Mbps-10Gbps service bandwidths through partner or dedication connections.

Connect to IBM Cloud

10Mbps-10Gbps service bandwidths through direct link connect or direct link dedicated bandwidths.

Connect to Oracle Cloud

10Mbps-10Gbps service bandwidths available with managed router & IP VPN on request.

Flexible & scalable

You can establish private connectivity from your data centre, office or colocation environment, which can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.  And it is all seamless.

Your direct connect solution will be delivered in sync with your chosen cloud provider so that you enjoy it from the first minute. Moreover with Colt On Demand capability, we have heavily invested to provide a leading ‘real-time’ and ‘pay per use’ telecom service that matches the benefits of the IT Cloud providing the first all-in-one cloud experience end to end.

A wide range of connectivity options

Our Dedicated Cloud Access solution includes a range of connectivity options that have been customised for better integration into the cloud.

This includes point to point Ethernet for customers who need to connect a single site (with a ‘managed router’ as an option) and IP VPN for customers who want to share cloud access across multiple sites.

Colt connects to over 900+ data centres globally, and to many of the major global cloud service providers across Europe, North America and Asia.

Use the map on the right to explore these data centres, or jump to any of the relevant pages below:

If you have a specific request, or require a connection to multiple cloud locations or providers, get in touch for a custom quote

Faster and more secure cloud networking

Under our direct connect service, we can provide secure and reliable private network connectivity between enterprise data centres or office locations and the cloud service providers. Colt is a connectivity partner with the main players, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud to provide Ethernet (with an optional managed router add-on) and IP VPN access to cloud network access points.

Customers enjoy not only the Colt network benefits, but also our 24/7 multilingual support facility which supports our service SLA. Our proposition is recognised every year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as industry-leading.

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