IBM Direct Connect & Colt

We make it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to your IBM Cloud through IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect.


Secure and reliable connectivity to the IBM Cloud

At Colt, we know the value digital transformation brings to you, but we also realise the challenge to make it happen. Cloud computing is a key enabler and we help you to focus on your business applications by providing a great end-to-end experience thanks to a private premium connectivity.

Under our DirectConnect service, we can provide secure and reliable private network connectivity between enterprise data centres or office locations and the IBM Cloud. Colt is a trusted connectivity partner with IBM Direct Connect, and we work together to ensure that your Direct Link solution will be delivered in sync with IBM Cloud, so that you can enjoy your connection from the very first minute.

Benefits of a dedicated connection:

Reduce your network costs with our TCO-optimised service

Increase your overall bandwidth output & scalability

Provide a more consistent network experience than standard connections

Benefit from direct access to the low-latency Colt IQ Network

Use our network one-stop-shop to easily manage your services

Secure access to your core apps & better resilience

Faster and more secure networking

With our managed cloud services you get more choice than with just standard cloud connect: from a wide range of bandwidths, to several resilience and diversity options.

Get advice and help setting up the best, and most efficient, cloud network for your business with our dedicated, knowledgeable customer support team, with our 24/7 multilingual support facility which supports our service SLA. Our proposition is recognised every year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as industry-leading.

IBM Cloudに専用アクセス

On Demand & 24/7

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access service to IBM Cloud is available On Demand to transform user experience.

Thanks to SDN technology, our customers benefit from real-time ordering, provisioning and service flexing through a self-serve portal.

Customers enjoy not only the Colt network benefits, but also our 24/7 multilingual support facility which supports our service SLA.

Our proposition is recognised every year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as industry-leading.

Accessing the IBM Cloud

Colt can provide direct fibre based connectivity into the majority of IBM Direct Link PoPs in Europe and Asia Pacific, which simplifies speeds provisioning, and provides optimum traffic routes for customers. Moreover, Colt addresses your business locations with connections into over 212 cities globally.

More than 27,500+ direct fibre connected buildings and 900+ third party data centres. With Colt’s worldwide connectivity network, we ease the way to connect your network into the cloud.

Colt is able to offer connectivity to a number of locations as seen in the adjacent map:

Service Features

Dedicated Cloud Access includes a range of connectivity options that have been customised for better integration into the IBM Cloud. IBM Direct Link Connect supports up to 5Gbps connections through a shared NNI with IBM.

Colt Service Bandwidth CSP Bandwidth
10Mbps 50Mbps
50Mbps 50Mbps
100Mbps 100Mbps
200Mbps 200Mbps
500Mbps 500Gbps
1Gbps 1Gbps
2Gbps 2Gbps
5Gbps 5Gbps

The IBM Direct Link Dedicated port supports upto 10Gbps bandwidth services and is fully delivered on request with a cross connect to IBM that is dedicated to you.

These services include Point to Point Ethernet connectivity.

Colt Service Bandwidth CSP Bandwidth
500Mbps - 1Gbps 1Gbps
1, 2, 5 and 10Gbps 10Gbps

Why choose Colt?

Easily manage your access bandwidth, connections and pricing on-demand with our easy to use customer portal

Colt is your single partner - there is no need for multiple suppliers and various network contracts

Our service level agreement provides targets for service delivery, availability and time to settle payments - all supported by competitive guarantees.

Our award-winning customer service is backed up by some of the best Net Promoter Scores in the industry

Are you Colt connected?

Check your availability with our interactive network map