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Our story begins over a quarter of a century ago, in 1992.

Our purpose? To transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

We have a single vision: to become the most customer oriented business in our industry. We built our reputation on putting customers first.

Our purpose and vision have influenced our history and shape our future.Scroll down to discover our story and how our connectivity pushes boundaries. 


Our story begins in 1992, when entrepreneur Jim Hynes founded City of London Telecommunications (COLT) - backed by Fidelity.

Within a year, our London network had grown to 15km.


We soon had our first customer - the investment bank Robert Fleming


In 1996, we expanded to Europe - operating in Germany and France. Two areas we continue to expand in to this day.



In 1999, we launched our metro network service in Japan and opened our first office in Tokyo.

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Within a few years of the new millennium, we exceeded 15,000+ customers.

We had laid 20,000km of fibre, spreading across 13 countries.



In 2008, we began to make roots in the US: starting with metro presence in New York, Newark & Boston. See our US Expansions...


In 2010, we become Colt Technology Services, reflecting our established global presence.

Connecting financial markets



In 2011, we acquired Market Prizm, a trading infrastructure solution provider, now known as Colt Capital Markets, to solidify our financial services capability.


In 2012, we rode from London to Paris in our first charity bike ride. We now ride every year and have raised over 1m+ to date.


In 2014, we expanded into Asia Pacific with the acquisition of KVH. We also passed the global threshold of 20 billion voice minutes served, and connected to 416 third party data centres.




In 2015, we became fully owned by Fidelity Investments and Eight Roads, solidifying us as one of the most financially stable businesses in our industry.

This also helped us reach 49 metropolitan area networks across 28 countries and over 24,000 on-net buildings.

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In 2017, our women's network - Network 25 - was founded, helping us break through traditional gender barriers and empower our diversity.



In 2019, our network continued to expand in the US, and for the first time into Eastern Europe. We also launched our Pride Matters and YOUnited networks.

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In 2020, Keri Gilder became our first female CEO, we launched our Disability Accessibility Network (DAN) & beat our own record Net Promoter Score with 70!