We build global ecosystems that create extraordinary value – for our customers, our partners and for Colt.

We work hand in hand with partners to be the digital infrastructure company our customers depend on - bringing together the people, and the technologies to deliver transformation.

We’re working with tech leaders, cloud providers and hyperscalers to create new services that seamlessly integrate our solutions to make the whole experience better for everyone.



For customers

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Colt is at the heart of digital infrastructure and the connected ecosystem

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We're working to deliver a seamless experience, whether that's on contracts, service delivery or customer experience

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We build partnerships that go above and beyond to meet our customer's challenges

We partner with...

Cloud Service Providers

Our extensive footprint of connected CSP regions, close working relationships and technical alignment with all of the major CSPs ensures cloud applications perform better on The Colt IQ Network. 

System Integrators

System Integrators are at the heart of the digital transformation of businesses. We are further strengthening bilateral partnerships with selected SIs to create more added value to our customers.

Data Centre Providers

Our Colt IQ Network enables our customers to connect to 900+ Data Centres, and our close working relationships with our Data Centre partners ensure that our customers have world class access to support their hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

Technology Partners

We work closely with our technology partners to allow your business to keep up with the rapid growth of the industry, remaining at the forefront of a range of technologies & providing bespoke solutions to create an agile scalable network.

Agent Partners

Are you looking to join the Colt family as one of our valued sales partners? Agent Partners have access to a wide array of award-winning Colt services to sell to their customers so let’s grow your business together!

Referral Partners

Share your leads with Colt and at the same time keep focus on your core business. Rely on a strong partnership with Colt to connect your customers across the digital society with industry-leading voice and network services.

For partners

We build partnerships that deliver extraordinary value for everyone.

Working with Colt gives your customers access to our industry leading customer experience and ambitious ESG commitments

Our customers expect a seamless experience to help meet their goals and our partner relationships are a two-way street, with mutual understanding and value-add

We want to work with partners who share our values and sense of purpose

Become a Colt partner today!