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Fully managed, resilient, bespoke networking solutions based on the Colt IQ Network.

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Establish secure, low-latency, dedicated connections to clients, trading venues or the cloud

With Dedicated Connectivity, customers can establish secure, low-latency, dedicated connections to clients, trading venues or the cloud; and create a private network connecting their own capital markets community.

We can meet a firm’s precise needs with a fully managed, resilient, bespoke networking solution based on the Colt IQ Network.

Colt Capital Markets can create a tailored network to support a client’s specific connectivity requirements. We help customers connect to their desired brokers, client community or directly into markets. All of this with end-to-end SLAs and a highly secure, reliable managed network.

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With the support of Colt, overall security and business continuity was increased even further. The level of security knowledge, particularly for the financial markets, as well as the high standard of technical equipment and personnel required for the data centre, in conjunction with the available internal and external network structures, all pointed towards a solution with Colt.

Dietmar Bethke Associate Director of the Infrastructure Department, Berenberg

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  • Service quality and support

    Our proposition is unique: state-of-the-art, custom designed and optimised especially for T2S connectivity and messaging, without compromise. As a result, you get to enjoy superior performance and scalability as well as the lowest TCO.

  • Predictable pricing

    Our one-stop-shop approach reduces your TCO and provides a transparent and flexible pricing scheme for greater convenience and forward planning.

  • Simplicity by design

    We provide you with added peace of mind with end-to-end, turn-key solutions where all components are provided, installed and owned by SIA-Colt. This also mitigates the risk of a single point of failure.

  • Managed IT & Remote Hands

    Our experienced professionals provide you with full integration and project management, from feasibility studies to the go-live phase. Colt can manage the sourcing, installation, monitoring and maintenance of all equipment, up to the operating system – allowing customers to focus on their core business of trading.

  • Inter-site connectivity

    Colt provides global WAN connectivity between the key liquidity data centres and also network connectivity, from the venue to the customer’s site, enabling remote command and control of the eFX platform, under the same SLA and contract.

  • Managed low latency FX

    With this solution, we can provide direct connection to multi and single dealer FX platforms within the venue, including: Bloomberg, 360T, FXAll, Currenex, Thomson Reuters Spot & Forwards Matching, Money Market and Hotspot.

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Our award-winning, captial markets solutions give you the ability to seamlessly interconnect your business, so you can become more responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Whatever your challenges or questions, let our experts guide you on your connectivity journey.

Additional services

  • The Colt FX Liquidity Access solution allows customers to connect quickly and easily to the FX markets across London, New York and Tokyo. The service ranges from simple connectivity to one market through to a fully managed FX liquidity access solution connecting all three FX liquidity centres in LD4, NY4 and TY3.

    Our service offers:

    • Trading and counterparty performance analysis and proactive feedback
    • Improved trading performance, increasing competitive advantage and minimising speeds
    • Rapid deployment of proven reference architectures reducing business risk and increasing speed to market
    • End to end SLAs that reduce complexity of service delivery to the trading desk
  • Colt also offers a T2S connectivity solution, in partnership with SIA. With this solution, customers can connect their business systems with Colt-SIA’s T2S platforms, including ESMIG, via our secure network gateways. With SIA-Colt, you can move towards T2S with greater confidence, while freeing up time to focus more closely on other business issues.

    Key solution components:

    • Unparalleled physical connectivity around the globe
    • PoPs all located within the T2S area for close proximity and the lowest latency as well as local support
    • Strong resiliency with cross-border, multiple high-bandwidth circuits, automatic instant fall-back on network failure, business continutity without loss of data
    • Intrusion prevention systems, encryption and digital certificates and full security compliance with the EBC’s T2S specifications

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