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Fully featured Colt SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking simplifies your business telephony and saves you money. Pan-European businesses who want to optimise their voice infrastructure and better manage costs should consider Colt as a provider for SIP Trunking services. With SIP Trunking solutions you simplify all your telecommunications into a single IP network.

You keep all the features of traditional telephony, and call quality, while gaining a monthly cost saving as high as 50%.

Why choose SIP Trunking services?

Reduced communication cost You may save 25%-50% savings from converged architecture combining voice and data networks. Calls between your sites are for free, even between the sites in different countries

Certified interoperability with all main IP PBX vendors Avoid testing time and lengthy configuration costs

Performance reporting Measure, control and optimise your service with enhance Network & VOIP near real time reporting

No traditional telephony features are left behind Retain traditional telephony features for business critical needs

Colt as your trusted provider

We have 12 years of experience in SIP Trunking services, delivering to 3500 customers in 26 countries with more than 7bn minutes per year. Colt scored 4.5 out of 5.0 for SIP Trunking in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report for Pan-European network services. According to Ovum, Colt is in the Top 3 SIP Trunking providers in Europe.

We provide highly reliable business-grade service in all our global SIP countries, offering disaster recovery, fraud management, encryption and voice security over multiple connectivity options, which allows businesses to seamlessly transition from legacy telephony to VoIP with services that include supplying full regulatory compliance (emergency call routing, lawful intercept and number porting porting) in all countries as well as a comprehensive feature set.

Continually expanding globally

In order to evolve with our international customers’ changing business needs, we continuously expand our SIP Trunking services. We now cover 27 countries globally.

Our proposition remains the same - centralised VoIP solution with a single point of contact for contracting, ordering, billing and management, for both existing Colt countries and new countries.

Below, you will find the countries currently served by our SIP footprint. If your country isn't included in this list, reach out to us here, and we can discuss specific solutions.

For information related to Voice service features, Codec/transcoding/security details, IP connectivity types, resiliency & disaster recovery or additional special information, download our technical datasheet below:

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