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With business phone numbers from Colt, you can collect calls from 28 countries in 4 continents. Then, with a single web interface, you can deliver them anywhere in the world.

You choose the best tariff for your customers; toll-free, IN Geo, shared cost or premium-rate numbers.

Cost-Effective & Flexible

By using Colt as your single service provider across all countries, you’ll simplify billing and reduce administrative overheads for all your calls.

We give a range of choices from routing to service packages and tariffs. You get to decide the best options for your business and your customers.


No matter how spread out your organisation is, you can have a simple point of control to manage all call traffic. And deliver them anywhere in the world.

We give you a suite of tools and automated reports to give you a complete view and control of how your business phone numbers are performing.

Through a single web interface, and easy to use online portal, you can make or schedule any changes based on your needs. Toll-free & international business phone numbers leverage Colt's global voice network and help you maintain a presence in markets even where you don’t have offices or staff working.

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Check out our handy guide to inbound numbers here.

Case Study


Salesland banks on Colt for its switch to VoIP. Salesland focuses on supporting businesses that want to outsource their sales services.

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Meet Dorra, Senior Account Executive

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Jouk Lier
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