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Providing ultra high bandwidth connectivity, Colt Spectrum delivers the flexibility and control of a long haul fibre network, without the overheads of Dark Fibre. It enables you to leverage your own investments in DWDM equipment, whilst benefiting from Colt’s extensive optical network reach.

Flexibility & Control

Providing a viable alternative to lighting Dark Fibre, Colt Spectrum offers volume wavelength transport over the state of the art Colt IQ Network optical backbone. Colt Spectrum provides a higher degree of choice when making a build or buy decision, cutting time to market for new routes, and providing a simplified operational model to support multi-terabit network expansion.


Colt Spectrum enables you to leverage your own DWDM transponder hardware, and supports both alien wave and friendly wave configurations delivered over Colt’s fully managed line system. This puts you in control of your network and enables you to turn up new 100G wavelengths as required.


The Colt IQ long haul optical network is based on a state-of-the-art platform which will support the flexible grid technologies of the future. Colt Spectrum provides support for various different modulation schemes, opening up the possibility of delivering future upgrades as technology changes and web-scale technologies continue to drive the demand for higher bandwidths.

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Meet Mikaela, Voice Product Marketing Associate

“Having recently joined Colt my team have been very welcoming. There is a lot of people who are willing to help and give their time so I can really adapt to my new surroundings and job tasks. I have responsibility already and I am trusted to deliver good work and really show my potential.”


The overall evaluation of the service received by Colt is positive in two ways: first, due to the technical quality of the product in terms of its strength, consistency and security, and second, in terms of the advice and assistance received during both the pre- and post-sales stages.

Javier Bartolomé
Technology Director, IMSolutions