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Colt Online is Colt’s customer portal and is available to all our customers.

We have a simple aim: To make it really easy for you to do business with Colt. With this in mind, Colt Online has been developed to put you in control. With Colt Online the information you need about your Colt services is just a click away.

Use Colt Online on the go with our mobile application available on Android and iOS. Use the App to check your colt connectivity, create and manage support tickets, track the progress of your orders, view and download invoices and see your Colt Service Inventory. 

Download the app on either the Google Play or App Store, or by using the links below: 

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Sales & procurement

Colt Online is there to assist you with your entire customer journey with Colt. Use our online tools to find Colt products, check your connectivity options, get product pricing & quotes, and place orders online.

Colt Online enables you to manage sales and procurement transactions with Colt:

  • Online Pricing - Check if a location is Colt connected and get prices online for our services.
  • Information Centre - Find relevant information about all Colt products and other useful information in the Information Centre repository

Order Management

Use our interactive order management system to track and manage your order progression status, find technical information and contact details, as well as to view essential order-related information.

During the delivery of the order you can track the order online. This enables you to view:

  • Order type and where the order is in the delivery process e.g. validation or delivery in progress
  • Key dates such as the Customer Requested Date, and the Colt Promise Date
  • Technical information and contact details relating to your order
  • The progress of tasks during the implementation phase
  • The eOrder tool allows you to place orders online with Colt. It covers the main standard products.
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Service Operations

Colt Online makes monitoring your services easy. Use our platform to view live services and their current status, resolve service faults, raise service requests and cease your service with Colt.

  • View all your live services with Colt in the services section
  • Check the A and B site details
  • Show customer and ordering information
  • View billing details
  • Raise and track fault tickets on a particular service
  • Raise and track service requests
  • Track tickets simply using our new link & pin technology
  • Download list of services in Excel format
  • Raise cease request for your service

Invoices & Accounts

Use Colt Online to view and download invoices and call data record reports for the previous 12 months, select e-invoicing options and mailing addresses, and view your billing and data usage reports.

  • The last 12 months of invoices are available as a pdf for you to view and print, alongside Call Data Record reports
  • Diamond Call Analyser tool - analyse call usage behaviour and allocate costs through this new web-based tool.
  • Raise a billing enquiry to request changes to your invoice details
  • Raise a general enquiry to request changes to your account details
  • Have full visibility of all your tickets online
  • See all communication exchanged in your ticket life-cycle
  • Set and manage the email contacts for your e-invoicing.
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All of the information that is shown in Colt Online is permission based.

This gives you complete flexibility to decide how you want to use the service. For example, restrict the 'bills page' to the billing manager only / or allow full access to everyone.

You can nominate people within your organisation to be your local Colt Online Administrator.

Your company administrator manages Colt Online accounts for users in your company allowing them to:

  • Create new users
  • View a list of all everyone who has Colt Online accounts in your organisation
  • Edit permissions for users eg. provide access to invoices for billing managers only

e-Mail Invoice

Tired of filing and shredding paper invoices? Frustrated by receiving invoices at different times each month? Sign up for e-Mail Invoice Delivery from Colt and take the pain out of invoice management

You now have the freedom to opt out of receiving paper invoices from Colt in favour of an e-mail notification containing your invoice in secure PDF format.

If you are interested in moving to e-Mail Invoice Delivery, please visit 'Colt Online' today and submit your details.

If you don’t have access to Colt Online, please complete the Request a Colt Online account form and we will set up an account for you within a few days.

Benefits to your business and the environment

e-Mail Invoice Delivery is a significant step forward in terms of the overall service management we offer to you, our valued customer. In addition, the service offers tangible benefits to your business and the environment. Key benefits include:

  • Convenience: receive your invoices directly into your mailbox in a timely manner each month
  • Flexibility: access all of your Colt invoices online, when you need to
  • Efficiency: access your invoices online, no more filing or shredding paper bills

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