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Build frictionless customer relationships with a remote workforce

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Build meaningful customer connections and enable your agents to work from anywhere

Colt has developed the complete formula for you to offer frictionless customers’ interactions across all your digital touchpoints and service centres.

Together with Genesys Cloud CX, we offer an easy to deploy omni-channel solution that provides you with the tools and AI data-driven insights to support your customer experience strategy and commercial organisational outcomes, with a productive and fully remote workforce.

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Benefits at a glance

  • The complete package

    Colt’s expertise in voice services combine with industry leading software solutions and the best in class digital transformation expertise. All inbound services expertly maintained and together we build step by step improvements to all your digital interactions.

  • Optimise your resources

    Virtual agents free up resources and increase self-service. Seamlessly integrate these digital interactions with live contacts, using AI to route customer to the right skills. Genesys Cloud CX will dynamically provide agents with insights about the customer and how to solve their query.

  • Omni-channel solution

    Delight your customers by enabling them to contact you through 30 digital channels (including messaging, social media, chat bots, traditional voice, email, etc.), whilst giving them the best personalised experience.

  • Take total control with easy-to-use, self-service tools

    Access real-time statistics, monitor call quality and make changes to omni-channel routing instantly. Keep your contact centre running at times of crisis by re-routing calls instantaneously with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface

  • Regulatory compliance

    We provide extra levels of security (e.g. PCI DSS) so you can give confidence to your customers when they contact you

  • End-to-end AI

    We provide the full contact centre eco-system, with end-to-end AI. Including AI-powered insights to delight customers and engage your employees with relevant feedback

Customise what you need

Genesys has a range of bundles for you to choose the perfect solution tailored for you. These bundles can also be customised further, by adding extra options and integrations, to maximise the effectiveness of your solution in helping your organisation succeed.


  • Moving to Colt CCaaS is a very simple process. We have experience in providing seamless contact centre migrations, no matter your existing solution, through our 4-step process:

    Qualify: Book a consultation with us to understand your requirements and to add value to your organisation

    Solution design: We’ll provide customised instructions depending on your existing service, to start your migration journey

    Handover: Using our global best practices and tools, including our migration playbook and templates, we’ll begin your migration

    Support: Go live with confidence, supported by an expert team to enable a quick start-up with customisation support available

    And that’s it! You will be up and running with Colt CCaaS, so you can start building meaningful relationships with your customers, and enable your agents with the tools, to work effectively from anywhere.

  • Whether you have a few or thousands of agents, with needs ranging from basic to complex. We have a bundle for you, which you can customise to maximise the value for your organisation.

    Below are examples of how we can support you:

    The ‘all-in-one’ organisation:

    For organisations with few agents, limited resource, challenged to do everything and be everywhere for customers.

    We can empower your small group of agents, with a full suite of advanced features – integrated with your CRM, in one simple and easy to deploy package. This way, despite being few in numbers, your agents will have the advanced capabilities to do more as ‘superstars.’

    The ‘multitasking’ organisation

    For organisations who have hundreds of agents, whose needs are standard in nature (such as inbound and outbound call management), but struggle to mass-enable in a cost-effective way, due to large number of agents.

    Using Colt CCaaS is a cost-effective way to reduce your large setup and operations costs, while ensuring that all your agents have the tools, they need to be productive.

  • Colt’s cloud contact centre solution combines the capabilities of Colt and Genesys, alongside our global partner community to bring together market-leading connectivity, cloud contact centre expertise and digital transformation services, in a single partnership and solution.

    This all-in-one combination will empower you with a cloud contact centre you can trust, enabling you with all the tools you need, to provide the highest levels of customer experience, with a remotely-enabled workforce.

  • Our cloud contact centre enables the integration of all the applications your agents need, in our single online platform. So your agents will have everything at their fingertips to have meaningful interactions with your customers, whilst embracing the modern workplace. Your agents can also work from anywhere effectively, as all that is needed is an internet

  • Genesys has a range of bundles for you to choose the perfect solution tailored for you. These bundles can also be customised further, to maximise the effectiveness of your solution in helping your organisation succeed.

    With our extensive pan-European footprint, you can get the contact centre solution you need with a single point of contact and contract, to make things simpler for you, while your agents can work globally.

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