Colt's financial Extranet

Our financial extranet, Colt PrizmNet, connects a global capital markets ecosystem of 160+ exchanges, brokers, ISVs and data vendors; and 10,000+ participants.


Simplified access to multiple venues + providers

When you want to connect to a new market venue or service provider, Colt PrizmNet makes it quick and easy. With a single physical connection to the financial extranet, you can access any connected venue, exchange, or provider of services. The range of market venues and service providers is constantly expanding — contact our sales team for more details.

Order routing + execution services

Market Data services

Regulatory compliance services

Software, analytics + data management services

Why choose PrizmNet?

A single physical connection to Colt PrizmNet gives you immediate access to a global capital markets ecosystem of exchanges, venues, providers of trading and regulatory solutions, and other market participants and service providers (including data feeds). With an advanced portal giving you full control of your services, it’s a fast, cost-effective way to extend your reach and capabilities.

Insight into performance

Advanced network reporting gives you a clear picture of the performance and utilisation of your Colt PrizmNet services in near real time, helping you plan for any changes or upgrades to meet short- or long-term needs.

You're always in control

At any time, you can track orders for new services, review invoices, get access to technical support and ticketing services, and access information and updates about the Colt PrizmNet service.

Easy addition of new connections + services

PrizmNet Online makes it quick and easy to add new services, connect new locations and customer end-points, and add bandwidth to support your trading strategy more efficiently.

Premium cloud connectivity for Capital Markets with Colt PrizmNet

As more and more business undertake digital transformation projects and move workloads into the cloud, there is a need for extranet connectivity to enable content and application providers hosted in the cloud to connect to their customers, and vice versa.

By connecting to Colt PrizmNet, market participants can gain access to the entire community of service providers in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. This includes but not limited to real-time and historical data from exchanges and market data vendors, as well as cloud based software vendors and fintechs.

How it works

Colt PrizmNet facilitates direct cloud connectivity by interconnecting with the nearest PrizmNet PoP or through our extensive network connecting 29K+ buildings & 900+ data centres to connect to multiple third party organizations.

These interconnects, which also underpin Colt’s award-winning Dedicated Cloud Access proposition, provide resilient and diverse connectivity to leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and dedicated bandwidth between CSPs and the Colt PrizmNet network.
Connectivity to new third party organizations can then be ordered through the Colt PrizmNet portal,and implemented in a matter of days.

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