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Wavelength services enable high bandwidth gigabit ethernet network connections to be deployed quickly and easily over Colt IQ network. This enables you to leverage market opportunities and meet the challenge of the rising bandwidth demand driven by the Internet, richer application environments and cloud computing.

Express Service

You can rely on best in class Colt IQ Network with over 12.8Tb of ‘on-demand’ capacity on its optical network. Our Next Generation Optical capabilities are now closer to your locations, meaning you can get the capacity needed between a selection of the most popular data centres.

Colt Optical Wavelength service offers inter-data centre proposition that provides aggressive lead times for services up to 100Gbps.

High Performance Optical Backbone

You can leverage Colt’s investment in an ultra-modern DWDM/OTN optical core network – delivering 100 gigabit ethernet today – with a path for future upgradability. Colt’s optical network reach covers over 110 optical PoPs right across all the Colt countries.

Colt offers easy access to over 900 third-party data centres – more than any other provider and independently verified by Telegeography.


Colt delivers its gigabit ethernet wave services over a wholly owned and operated infrastructure, thus ensuring the highest levels of Service Availability. We will work with you to create a bespoke design based on resilient platform with options for protection, and geographically diverse routes that may be required.

Our redundant and diverse network architecture allows you to select the resilience solution that best meets your particular chosen balance of cost, performance and risk.

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Private Wave – Private Optical Network
Secure, flexible and high performance private optical networking built on customer-dedicated WDM equipment and fibre infrastructure.

Get ultra-high bandwidth connectivity with Colt Spectrum. The flexibility & control of a long-haul fibre network, without the overheads of Dark Fibre.

Dark Fibre Network
Meet all future business network needs, with Colt’s Dark Fibre Services. Get the maximum control over your network, with a trusted platform, in a cost effective way.

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Providing ultra-high bandwidth connectivity, Colt Spectrum enables you to leverage your own investments in DWDM equipment, whilst benefiting from Colt’s extensive optical network reach and connectivity.

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