400G optical connectivity for the world’s leading organisations

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The best-in-class optical networking

Wavelength services enable ultra-high bandwidth network connections (up to 400Gbps), all deployed over the Colt IQ network with speed and ease. This enables you to leverage market opportunities and meet the challenge of the rising bandwidth demand driven by the Internet, richer application environments and cloud computing.

Explore Colt Wave features

“Colt’s network provides us with multiple diversity and protection options, enabling and ensuring reliability and security of our IT infrastructure.”

Jiannan Zhao Managing Director, Tencent Cloud, Northeast Asia

Why choose Colt Wave?

  • Unprecedented reach

    We're connected to 29,000+ buildings and 900+ data centres in Europe, Asia and America, more than any other carrier

  • Express service

    Get multiple wavelengths with expedited delivery between a selection of the most popular data centres

  • Simplicity

    Colt is your single partner, leaving no need for multiple suppliers and various network contacts. You're in safe hands

  • Flexibility

    Our redundant and diverse network architecture allows you to select the resilience solution that best meets your cost and performance requirements

  • Reliability

    High availability can be assured using our resilient platform and personalised design to ensure a geographically diverse from your current services

  • State-of-the-art networking

    Leverage Colt’s investment in an ultra-modern DWDM/OTN optical core network – delivering 100G and 400G – with a path for future upgradability

Need more security?

Colt Private Wave is available in any city where Colt has a fibre-optic metropolitan area network and is designed specifically for businesses that require high capacity, secure and resilient optical connectivity.

The typical use case for Private Wave is interconnecting between key business locations to cover disaster recovery and business continuity architectures.

Optical Wave explained

  • Wave services can also be used to connect to public Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Cloud connectivity on Wave is based on Layer 1 Optical connectivity and provides dedicated high-bandwidth cloud connectivity up to 100Gb over Colt’s extensive, wholly-owned fibre end-to-end footprint. Specified KMZ path and options for customer-defined routes are supported.

    Characteristics Ethernet Line (Packet L2) Wave (Optical L1)
    Bandwidth 50M to 10G (40G in Key DCs) 10GE or 100GE (IQNet DC)
    KMZ route map No Yes
    Customer-defined route or ‘hard’ diversity end-to-end with KMMZ diagram No Yes
    Customer-dedicated bandwidth (fixed latency, zero frame loss &jitter) No Yes
    Cloud port connection options Dedicated or Hosted Dedicated

    Colt provides direct cloud connectivity towards the following CSPs: Amazon (Direct Connect Dedicated), Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute Direct), Google (GCI Dedicated), Oracle (Third Party Provider), IBM (Direct Link Dedicated) and Alibaba Cloud (Express Connect Dedicated) platforms.

  • Optical Encryption is an optional add on to Wave services and provides the very highest levels of performance and security in combination.

    When the option for network encryption is selected, Wave services can act as a key component of a customer’s holistic security strategy by helping to reduce the chances of data being lost or stolen in a readable form.

  • Colt Wave is a fully managed end-to-end service, which can be purchased individually to meet demand. Whereas a Colt Spectrum service is handed off to the customer for provision, management and monitoring with a customer-controlled rack.

  • Yes! Our state of the art optical foundation on the Colt IQ Network enables delivery of 100Gbps or 400Gbps connections as a service to our customers

  • Yes! The Colt Private Wave provides secure, flexible and high performance private optical networking built on customer-dedicated WDM network equipment and fibre infrastructure. It is designed to meet the most demanding customer needs, supporting multiple optical services or service types up to 400Gbps.
    Take a look at our datasheet to get all the details.

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