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Strengthening the Link Between Connectivity and Customer Experience

Business today is all about the customer. As enterprises look to avoid a race to the bottom, both corporate and consumer-facing companies are increasingly looking to differentiate based on customer-oriented criteria, rather than simply focusing on cost and internal efficiency.

Your future network

Today’s network is built to deliver applications and services that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago, designed for companies that may themselves only be a…

What is Intelligent Communications?

The modern enterprise is more diverse and connected than ever before, with new applications that bring people together regardless of their location…

People working at a network services company looking at a laptop

Why the time is right for the customer oriented network

Consumer technology has influenced and blazed a trail for business technology. It’s time that happened for networking and telecoms.

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

Hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the cloud model of choice for organisations seeking the best of all worlds. But if a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment is not supported by the right connectivity, then a poor experience can result and expected dividends fail to materialise.

People working together at a network services company

Google’s guide to the multi-cloud world

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform—but what are the industry trends and data points on how companies are adopting the cloud?…

Ultra-high bandwidth

Ultra-high bandwidth: Enabling data density for a digital future. There’s no shortage of statistics acknowledging the scale of the challenge posed by global consumption of data and they are all pretty daunting.

Global investment companies strive for near zero latency

Computers have already taken over from the traditional scenes of jostling traders, shouting over each other on the frantic floors of international exchange offices.

Raising your voice

The trend of American companies going global is ramping up rapidly. A recent survey by Wells Fargo, noted that the majority of US-based companies believe that the international component…

East meets West: The digital business opportunity for multinational expansion

A younger workforce is driving digital transformation across the Asia Pacific region. …

Data centre integration and federation for media

As media businesses mature into ‘viral’ services, they must adapt to audience demands or risk having customers quickly abandon their offerings for other, higher performing alternatives…

Unlocking constraints of traditional telephony

Voice adds value and is still the most efficient and intuitive method of communication. Voice capabilities exist within many enterprise business applications, while IP telephony has many cost and management advantages.

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