How to capitalise on your digital infrastructure

A picture representing connections in between locations, mapped over a city

'As the business world changes at speed, dictated by connected customers and empowered buyers, growth and success will look very different. Outdated, short-term strategies that focus on simply driving operational efficiencies will struggle. To succeed, companies must focus on improving how they engage with customers, business partners and employees to drive speed, innovation and resilience.

Digital infrastructure is the hardware and software that helps companies shape their digital strategies. It enables the processes that drive the continuous interactions with people, customers, partners and employees. The benefit to this can be measured in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue growth and employee retention. But how can business and technology leaders drive the adoption, implementation and value from their digital infrastructure?'

Delving into insights from a Fireside Chat featuring guest speaker Pascal Matzke, VP and Research Director at Forrester Research, this paper provides practical advice on how to get started with digital infrastructure, underlining the need to transition from traditional, linear transactions to continuous interactions.

You can expect to learn about:

  1. Moving from linear transactions to continuous interactions
  2. Setting the right metrics for success
  3. Building internal alignment
  4. Building and scaling the lighthouse use case
  5. Managing service provider partnerships

Download the paper to understand how digital infrastructure goes beyond being a mere connectivity tool by serving as a pivotal catalyst for business value, heightened revenue, exceptional customer experiences, and improved employee productivity.