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Connect to the cloud on your terms.

The move to the cloud is more critical than ever in today's world. With nearly 30 years of experience, Colt invests not only in its network, but also in the service and support that comes with it.

Our customers can connect to public cloud service providers (CSPs) via the Internet or a dedicated connection. Colt offers a range of cloud connectivity solutions that meet customer requirements.



Colt connects to more data centres in Europe, Asia and the US than any other provider. More CSPs available upon request.

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Your connectivity options explained

Colt provides a range of managed public and private Cloud solutions that leverage our expertise to accelerate IT transformation in a secure and cost-effective manner. We are a trusted partner to take care of your critical workloads with a technology agnostic approach.


Public Cloud

IP Access with Cloud prioritisation

Public Cloud

We help customers move to, manage and optimise public cloud services with AWS and Microsoft Azure. So whether you need a little help to progress your journey or want a partner to manage your solution, Colt can help. Through our Cloud Manager platform, we provide: 

Enhanced Performance: The new platform will allow you to manage your cloud resources more efficiently and effectively. You'll experience faster response times, improved scalability, and increased reliability.

Optimised Cost Management: The Cloud Optimisation Platform offers robust cost optimisation features, helping you identify and eliminate wasteful spending in your cloud infrastructure. This will result in significant cost savings for your organisation.

Comprehensive Visibility: Gain a deeper understanding of your cloud environment with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Monitor resource utilisation, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your operations.

Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and cloud providers, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption to your current workflows.

Private Cloud

Dedicated Cloud Access

Private Cloud

Our private cloud service enables you to create a sovereign cloud in any location. You can leverage our Cloud Compute infrastructure in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Munich that provides the benefits of agility and scale or we can build you dedicated private cloud infrastructure in any hosting location. 

Our private cloud is a Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) based on VMWare Cloud FoundationTM. This rings together software-defined networking and vSAN Storage to deliver a completely integrated Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service that transforms the data centre to meet the demands of the data-driven age. 

Self-managed or managed service options

Built on a full stack of hyper-converged infrastructure from HPE or Dell based on VMware Cloud Foundation™

High-performance SSD storage to handle demanding apps

Modernise app development with containers and Kubernetes through VMWare Tanzu

Management of underlying SDDC operations, including VMware® vCenter, vCloud® Director, NSX® Manager, SDDC Manager and vCloud® Availability

Complete control and visibility through VMware’s vSphere® native tools and Cloud Application Manager

Strategic guidance to overcome implementation or integration challenges

Multiple levels of support to match your business needs across this or any cloud via Cloud Application Manager

Still not sure?

Use our solution builder and request a callback from a solutions engineer.

IP Access with Cloud prioritisation

Cost effective for low to medium transfer volumes

On Demand available

Performance can vary due to intermediate ISPs

Potential exposure to online dangers such as DDoS attacks

Cost can increase significantly for higher data transfer rates

Dedicated Cloud Access (Ethernet + OD/CPE)

Cheaper for high data transfer rates

On Demand available

Consistently high guaranteed transfer rates of up to 100G

Not subject to DDoS attacks as no traffic passes public internet

End to end SLA up to CSP demarcation

Requires a dedicated circuit

SD WAN Multi-cloud & IP VPN

All of the benefits of a dedicated line

Not available On Demand

Independent self-serve ordering portal

Max 10Gpbs bandwidth on routing and 3Gpbs on SD WAN

IP VPN only available for private domain connectivity

Cloud connect explained

Many network service providers (NSP's) have a range of options when it comes to cloud connectivity, though a lack of industry standards and confusing terminology can make things difficult to understand.

We enlisted the help of our best and brightest cloud architects, network engineers and product managers to help you cut through the noise and avoid the confusion.

We’ll walk you through 5 cloud connectivity options and explain the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose the most suitable cloud access solution for your needs.

cloud connectivity decision tree

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Why choose Colt?

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A Global Presence

We are trusted by over 25,000 customers globally - including some of the world's largest businesses, 18 of the top 25 banks and over 650 capital markets firms around the world. All that and still record NPS scores.

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Technology leaders

Our technology sets us apart. We were one of the first to roll-out on-demand provisioning, and continue to lead with API, SDN + Edge compute compatibility for our customers.

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Spoilt for choice

Over 32,000 buildings have direct fibre connectivity to our network. We connect more data centres in Europe, USA and Asia than any other provider, so you won't have to compromise on security & convenience.

Still not sure?

We'll help you build a solution tailor-made for your specific cloud environment and networking needs.

With more connected data centres across Europe, USA & Asia than any other provider backed up with the carrier-grade Colt IQ Network, whatever you choose, you're in safe hands.