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Inspired by the famous Humans of New York blog by Brandon Stanton, we wanted to create a series of written portraits of the people that we work with and the (sometimes unexpected) stories they have to tell.

– Rachel Collins, Head of Inclusion & Diversity & Chair of Network 25

Samantha Lee

I was born in Hong Kong but at the age of 13, I started boarding school in the UK. It was quite a stressful experience but being in a completely ...
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Joshua De Souza

I did a bit of kayaking when I was younger, but it was only when I went on a university trip to Lee Valley in Hertfordshire that I discovered whitewater ...
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Hannah Davies

Five years ago, one of my brothers had his 18th birthday party in our back garden. He’s a musician so his band played and he got some of his friends ...
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Daniel Saint-Davis

I remember walking in to the student centre one day at university and seeing the Colt stand. The representatives seemed energetic and friendly, so I came over to see what ...
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Abby Taylor

In my third year of university, I went on a year abroad to California. It may sound like a cliché but it was the  best year of my life – ...
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Sue Su

About ten years ago, I decided to do a Masters in Liverpool. I was working in HR and I wanted to learn more about business operations, plus I wanted to ...
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Bavasree Kumar

I love to star gaze. Standing on my balcony, I imagine something in my mind and then see it in the sky by joining the dots in the stars. Whatever ...
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Pedro Lopes

Ten years ago, I was challenged by two colleagues to sign up for a university course with them. My dyscalculia (numerical dyslexia) meant that I’d had to repeat the Portuguese ...
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Massimiliano Iachini

I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease twelve years ago. It’s an illness that reduces your ability to move freely but I refuse to let that limit me. The ...
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Amrick Marahta

My late father was definitely the most influential person in my life. When I was about 16, I decided to go and work for him at our travel business instead ...
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Bram Troost

I’ve been playing electronic dance music as a DJ for 20 years and producing it for about 15. During that time, I’ve released an album, several top 20 remixes and ...
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Neha Singh

I started dancing as soon as I could walk and as a child my summer vacations were spent at dance academies. When I dance it completely changes my mood. My ...
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