Amanda Conde

BCM Manager, Spain

Being a high risk pregnancy at the end of the pandemic meant I was worried about travelling and meeting people indoors. Luckily this all happened when Colt was piloting our new Flexible First working scheme and so I was able to work from home or in open spaces and it felt safer. This reduced my stress levels considerably.

Baby Nora was born last May. I really enjoyed maternity leave – taking part in activities together like yoga for mums and babies, long walks, and swimming. Nora is a very smiley and social baby, so we made many friends.

Even if I missed my job and team or feeling productive (other than the million tasks you have as a mum every day), I didn’t want to miss any of her milestones and her development.

When it was time to return to work, it was a smooth process thanks to the level of flexibility we have at Colt. I could continue breastfeeding, which is not always possible for working mums, and Nora could adapt gradually to childcare, with her dad on paternity leave and me working.

Now that I am back full time, I am able to balance my work more easily with what’s best for my family. I’m grateful that I feel trusted and supported by Colt and my leadership team. One of my favourite moments is when we pick her up from day care and watch her zigzag around the other babies to get to us – it’s so lovely!

Image of Amanda holding baby Nora