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Inspired by the famous Humans of New York blog by Brandon Stanton, we wanted to create a series of written portraits of the people that we work with and the (sometimes unexpected) stories they have to tell.

– Rachel Collins, Head of Inclusion & Diversity & Chair of Network 25

Zeeshan Khan

I first became aware that I had a stammer at the age of three. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan during the 90s, access to information on stammering was fairly limited ...
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Sonia Boukari

I know Kung Fu and I like the fact that i could protect myself if I needed to. My uncle used to do Kung Fu so I started when I ...
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Dorra Ben Naceur

The most influential person in my life is my mum, for all the reasons that you’d say your mum. She’s an incredibly strong woman. We moved a lot when I ...
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Fumie Nozawa

I’m from a town called Nagoya, which is about two hours on the bullet train from Tokyo. My mum lives by herself at the moment, so I go and visit ...
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Larissa Bao

I used to work in Colt’s parent company and my manager there told me, “If you want to improve yourself, find someone around you who inspires you and learn from ...
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Anika Villalonga

My dad told me that there’s always someone watching you, so whatever you do, try your best and put in the most effort possible, because you don’t know what could ...
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Catherine Saucedo

I knew from quite a young age that I wasn’t going to live in Panama as an adult. The country was under a dictatorship when I was growing up, and ...
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Megha Kohli

When I was a child, we had a ritual in my family. All my siblings, cousins and I would sit around my grandmother as she would tell us the most ...
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Pooja Khatri

I have so much respect for my mother - she is an inspiration. She always laid immense emphasis on education and independence when we were growing up. She taught me ...
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Christophe Dos Santos

Running a marathon is like throwing yourself into the dark - it's frightening. Professional coaches say you should never run the marathon distance in training, only on the day, because ...
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Hugo Rinsema

I have a background in mechanical engineering and enjoy working with my hands. I design and build things, all sorts of things - I've built my own campervan from scratch, ...
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Dan Cole

Having completed my A-levels I was not convinced that continuing further education was the right option for me, and so I set about considering what I could do next. I ...
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