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Inspired by the famous Humans of New York blog by Brandon Stanton, we wanted to create a series of written portraits of the people that we work with and the (sometimes unexpected) stories they have to tell.

– Rachel Collins, Head of Inclusion & Diversity & Chair of Network 25

Yu Wei

I majored in Japanese at college and continued to study it after I graduated. I had two teachers who were both quite elderly, one was 76 and one was 85. ...
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Oscar Blanchaer

I’ve been at Colt for five years, mostly in my home country of Belgium. When the opportunity at Colt Hong Kong came up in 2017, I was really interested. I ...
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Dharmesh Vashi

My parents moved to the UK in the 60s, my mother from Uganda and my father from India. Soon after that,  my uncle came to join us. He was kind ...
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Kana Hashimoto

I got my scuba diving license about two years ago in Krabi, Thailand. I try to go on two or three dives a year outside of Japan – I particularly ...
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Rajeev Gupta

I love the Golden Era of Bollywood music, I grew up listening to it. I was blessed with a pretty good voice and wanted to be a singer – I ...
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Raymond Meju

I remember in my interview for Colt I was asked who the most influential person in my life is and I said my brother. It must have sounded so cheesy. ...
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Chee-Hau Man

My parents immigrated from Hong Kong in the 70s for the restaurant business, so I grew up in restaurants. I would sit at a table at the back of the ...
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Roxana Dobrota

The most important piece of advice I've ever received was from my grandfather - he told me just to be myself, regardless of what anyone else says. We were under ...
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William Fleming

I would say my most precious possession is my passport – I live abroad so without it there’d be a problem.  It’s also my gateway home. Earlier this year, I ...
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Javier Benitez

You should always treat people as you’d like to be treated by others, that’s something my parents taught  me and it’s something I always keep in mind. In business, in ...
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Lara Rodriguez

I am from a small town near Bilbao in the Basque Country. At university I won an Erasmus grant to go and  study in Italy for a year – it ...
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Carolina Morales

Music is essential to me. Every day I wake up listening to music, and it's the last thing I do at night. It's a way to express myself and channel ...
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