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Inspired by the famous Humans of New York blog by Brandon Stanton, we wanted to create a series of written portraits of the people that we work with and the (sometimes unexpected) stories they have to tell.

– Rachel Collins, Head of Inclusion & Diversity & Chair of Network 25

Megha Kohli

When I was a child, we had a ritual in my family. All my siblings, cousins and I would sit around my grandmother as she would tell us the most ...
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Pooja Khatri

I have so much respect for my mother - she is an inspiration. She always laid immense emphasis on education and independence when we were growing up. She taught me ...
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Christophe Dos Santos

Running a marathon is like throwing yourself into the dark - it's frightening. Professional coaches say you should never run the marathon distance in training, only on the day, because ...
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Hugo Rinsema

I have a background in mechanical engineering and enjoy working with my hands. I design and build things, all sorts of things - I've built my own campervan from scratch, ...
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Dan Cole

Having completed my A-levels I was not convinced that continuing further education was the right option for me, and so I set about considering what I could do next. I ...
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John Fitzpatrick

The night of the week I look forward to most is when I head out to the deepest depths of Essex with my trusty Gibson guitar in the trunk of ...
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Franck Farigoul

I love astronomy and taking pictures of astronomical events – I actually did a presentation to my colleagues a few months ago on it. It’s something outside the realm of ...
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Daniela Sorriso

My little brother is 12 years younger than me and over the last year or so, he’s been saying to me that I’m  the father he’s never had. That makes ...
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Jesus Leon

In 2009, the company I was working for at the time paid for me to come to the UK and study English. I’d been in Venezuela for 27 years so ...
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Fahim Sabir

I think the most exciting project I've worked on at Colt is the one I'm working on at the moment, which is a network-on-demand platform for our customers. It's a ...
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Nidhi Garg

I was brought up in a very conservative family in a strict atmosphere. Being the only girl in the house, my family was extremely protective of me. Growing up in ...
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Jason Li

I love sport, especially football. At school I was a basketball player but then I transferred to a different high school where everyone played football - it was only me ...
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