Bavasree Kumar

Trainee, Billing & Revenue Assurance, India

I love to star gaze. Standing on my balcony, I imagine something in my mind and then see it in the sky by joining the dots in the stars. Whatever is going on in my life and whatever frustrations I have run away, I am not thinking of anything and it makes me happy.

Numismatics is another interest of mine. For the past four years, I’ve been building my collection of coins and rupees. It’s like a scavenger hunt; I like the challenge of finding all the different rupees, old and new. So far I have found examples of all Indian currencies, as well as Malaysian, and Singapore dollars.

I’m two months into my first ever job as a trainee in Billing and Revenue assurance with Colt. There is lots to learn and I’m enjoying this new challenge. I have great support from my team who are always willing to help. I also have a mentor here who encourages me and assists with my development. I take advantage of any opportunity to develop, so am doing a course on data analysis online. I am also learning German and I’m determined to visit Germany. I can’t wait to practise my language skills and maybe move there one day. I don’t know much about Germany but I often wonder what I might be able to see in the stars from there.

Bavasree Kumar | Trainee, Billing & Revenue Assurance| India