Choose dedicated and reliable private cloud connectivity.

Organisations need a more secure and reliable cloud networking experience - the public internet does not always provide this. Colt's Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) portfolio provides secure and reliable private Ethernet and IP network connectivity to our cloud service provider partners without touching the internet.


Connect seamlessly to over 250 Cloud PoPs worldwide:

Cloud PoP Map
5. ibm-cloud-logo

plus other CSPs upon request

For single-site connectivity towards CSP's Colt offers Cloud on Demand ethernet connectivity including multicloud offering and high bandwidth Wave services. As an option Colt can also offer managed router on top of DCA Ethernet services. For customers who want to share cloud access across multiple sites, Colt offers cloud integration into SD-WAN and IP-VPN networks. Our solutions support single-cloud, multi-cloud and cloud-to-cloud topologies. Depending on the required connectivity solution Colt can offer upto 100Gbps connectivity towards the Cloud.

Choose the right way to connect

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) portfolio includes a range of solutions that have been customised for better integration into the cloud. Explore the adjacent options to see what works best for you.


Cloud On Demand/DCA Ethernet

Fully-dedicated, secure, private connectivity to the cloud

Cloud On Demand Diagram

Use Cloud On Demand + DCA Ethernet for:

Optimised performance to run critical applications

Bandwidth is guaranteed end-to-end and fully dedicated to the customer

On-Demand enabled - circuits to leading CSPs can be provisioned in near-real time from our user-friendly portal or via APIs

DCA Wave


Best in class optical connectivity

Use DCA Wave for:

Customer-defined route or 'hard' diversity end-to-end with KMZ diagram supported

High Bandwidth up to 100Gbps is guaranteed end-to-end and full dedicated to the customer

Secure L1 transparent Optical connectivity over the Colt IQ network



Private cloud connectivity towards WAN network branches

Why use IP VPN:

Multi-site breakout to the cloud is also available via traditional IP VPN

IP-VPN break out to connect Single Cloud, Multi-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud

Fully MPLS based

SD WAN Multi-Cloud

SD WAN Multi-cloud

Intelligent, seamless network experience between end-users and cloud

Why use SD WAN Multi-Cloud:

Break out of your existing multi-site WAN network to connect Single Cloud, Multi-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud

Offers intelligent routing, dynamic path selection and security

Integration with IP Access and Colt Cybersecurity services


Dedicated Connectivity

Private cloud connectivity for capital markets clients and providers

Use PrizmNet for:

Dedicated, secure cloud access integration for capital markets clients and providers

Single, Multicloud and Cloud-to-Cloud topologies

Private peering domain with the cloud provider



With enterprises shifting their core infrastructure and services to Cloud, security has been number one priority for Cloud connectivity

Dedicated Cloud Access


Deterministic latency is important for mission critical services that Enterprises are moving to Cloud



High throughput is another key requirement that help customers get the best out of their cloud platform

Cloud SBC


Reliability for private connectivity services make it an obvious choice for most customers looing to get the best out of their cloud platform

Cloud connect explained

Many network service providers (NSP's) have a range of options when it comes to cloud connectivity, though a lack of industry standards and confusing terminology can make things difficult to understand.

We enlisted the help of our best and brightest cloud architects, network engineers and product managers to help you cut through the noise and avoid the confusion.

We’ll walk you through 5 cloud connectivity options and explain the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose the most suitable cloud access solution for your needs.


Still not sure?

We'll help you build a solution tailor-made for your specific cloud environment and networking needs.

With more connected data centres across Europe, USA & Asia than any other provider backed up with the carrier-grade Colt IQ Network, whatever you choose, you're in safe hands.