Abby Taylor

Cyber Security Graduate, London

In my third year of university, I went on a year abroad to California. It may sound like a cliché but it was the  best year of my life – it shaped what I wanted to do in so many ways. While I was out there, I had the opportunity to take modules outside of my Mathematics degree, so I decided to to take Cryptography. I just  loved it. It’s like a big puzzle. When you get to that end goal where you’ve decoded it all and everything  makes sense, it’s so satisfying.

My job in Cyber Security at Colt is exactly that – solving a puzzle. We try to understand what hackers will be looking to do and find ways to stop them. We’re moving toward harder and harder encryptions and I’m in a team where we research the best encryption methods for Colt. With quantum computers and 5G  coming in, it’s an incredibly exciting time to work in the tech space. Our customers are trusting us with their  data, so we need a high level of security and it’s all evolving so quickly. Ever since I did that Cryptography module in California, I’ve known that this is where I need to be.

Abby Taylor | Cyber Security Graduate

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