Jaye McGee

Business Support Capital Markets Apprentice, London

My parents were keen for me to be the first in the family to go to university. However, I’m a much more practical person who enjoys on-the-job learning, so I decided an apprenticeship would be a better route for me. I’m glad to say that my parents have been supportive and can see how much I’ve grown on the Colt scheme.

As an Inside Sales Executive, I assist and support key global accounts that are integral to our business. I enjoy building strong relationships with customers and the role has allowed me to meet people from so many different walks of life, all with fascinating stories and experiences. Learning from all those I’ve met and worked with at Colt has been a highlight of my time on the scheme.

One thing not many people know about me is my love for music and DJ-ing. My favourite music is House and Tech-House and my love for it inspired me to try playing it myself. I used to practice as much as possible with friends at parties, but then an opportunity arose for me to DJ at a major club in London. The thrill of playing to a crowd was amazing and I’ll never forget the experience.

DJ-ing is fun to do alongside my role at Colt and has taught me the value of dedication and commitment. I’m definitely going to continue practicing and entertaining my friends at parties. After all, I need the perfect set prepared in case of another last minute call from a London club!

Jaye McGee | Business Support Capital Markets Apprentice

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